Scoutten Named Legend of the Outdoors

JIM  HEAD SHOT-300Nashville, TN - The Board of Directors of Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame has selected Jim Scoutten for induction as a 2018 Legend in the 25th year of his Shooting Sports broadcasting career.

“Jim Scoutten has been reporting the stories of the shooting industry and the competitive shooting disciplines since 1993”, said Garry Mason, founder of the Outdoor Legends Hall of Fame. “In 25 years of broadcasting on four national networks, he’s done more to popularize the shooting sports than any other individual or organization, reaching multiple generations with the invitation to bring out your guns and enjoy some competition.”

Scoutten said, “That’s always been the message in every show. Doesn’t this look like fun?  Don’t these people seem like folks you’d enjoy shooting with? Now, here’s how to get involved.”

Scoutten says he’s seen the shooting sports grow to gain national recognition over the past 25 years. “When we started, the top shooters showed up for a match in jeans and a plaid shirt. Now their sponsors recognize the national exposure we bring to competition and the shooters are as logoed-up in their uniforms as NASCAR drivers. And the top shooters have become celebrities to our audience.”  Scoutten points out some have broken out to host their own television shows.  

Scoutten’s Shooting USA hour show airs weekly on Outdoor Channel on a year-round schedule, presenting a wide range of shooting disciplines; from run-and-gun handgun competition, to trap and sporting clays, to precision long range rifle competition, Cowboy Action Shooting, Fast-Draw, and Muzzleloading.  Shooting USA also presents segments on new products, with insider reports on the development and production of firearms, Pro Tips to help the audience improve their own technique and scores at the range, and History’s Guns reports on the development of firearms and their place in our History.

legends-logo-small (1)Much of the competition coverage is now produced and reported by eldest son, John Scoutten, who’s been working on the shows since the beginning in 1993. Scoutten says “John started as a photographer assistant while he was still in high school. He’s now become the second generation broadcast journalist, filing his reports from across the country and, in 25 years, working toward his own Legend status.”

“It’s truly an honor to be named a Legend, joining the past honorees who have appeared in our shows; Wade Bourne, Tom Knapp, and Byron Ferguson, among others,” Scoutten said.


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