PRO TIPS with Colt Pro Mark Redl



 Mark Redl -  3-2-1 Revolver Target Drill

I just did the three, two, one drill, let's go take a look at the target. 

The target is really important because of the three boxes that I put on it.  


Colt21-Revolver-4The first box is a three by five, which I put three rounds in, the second box is three by three, which I put two rounds in, and the last box is one-and-a-half by one-and-a-half, which I put one round in. 

This is a great drill for any type of handgun, but especially when you're using a revolver like the new Colt Python.


The reason I love this with revolvers is it teaches me how to do that nice rolling trigger press to the rear, but it also teaches me to release the trigger all the way so my next round comes through with a nice roll and I have to keep my sights aligned. 

The other great thing about this is I can take any piece of paper and make it into this target just by drawing my squares on a blank piece of paper.

Again, the buzzer is only my start time. What I am working on is accuracy, I want to make sure every one of my rounds goes into each box.


Once I start doing that, and I can do it on demand, then I will start bringing a timer in to see exactly how much time it takes me to do the drill. 

When you're starting out I recommend a par time of six seconds. 


When I shoot this drill, I want to see is a good sight picture, maintain it throughout the entire stroke of the trigger, drive the sights back onto the target, and keep that sight alignment through the next trigger pull. I want to do that every time.

My last run was 4.57 with all good hits. Once you’ve mastered all your hits in the boxes with no time, it's time to get it down to where you can consistently do it under six seconds and once you’ve mastered that then it's time to change it up.


One, three, two, two, one, three. You can do whatever you want, but the whole reason behind this drill is sight alignment and trigger control for good accurate shots. Next time I see you at the range let me know how you do with the three, two, one drill. 









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