PRO TIPS with Colt Pro Mark Redl



 Wyatt Gibson - High and Low Focus Targets

This is a fun and easy drill that I like to shoot, that really works on transitioning between low and high focus targets, In today’s Pro-Tip we are going to show you the difference between a low focus target and a high focus target . 


We have an improvised target system here, which is just a piece of paper, a ten inch dinner plate, and a Sharpie. All you’re looking to do is get a circle on the center of this piece of paper that you can staple up pretty much anywhere. 


So what is the difference between a low focus and a high focus target? For me a low focus target is a wide open piece of paper generally within ten yards that I’d normally take one sight picture for every two shots. 



A high focus target is normally past ten yards and requires two sight pictures for two shots. And in the first part of today’s drill we are going to show you how to determine the distance and where the transition between a low focus target and high focus target for you.


With a fresh paper target up, I start at five yards.  On the start signal it’s two shots with one sight picture. If you're in the circle back up two yards and repeat the process, moving back in two yard increments until your second shot ends up outside of the circle. There you go.


 So here’s our second shot, which was at eleven yards. Kind of what I expected. 


So all of my high focus shots, that require two well-aimed shots, are past ten yards. With this information we are going to go ahead and set up portion two of today’s Pro-Tip.

The second part of today’s drill is based on the information we learned rfmr the first part. I’ve got my high focus target set up at eleven yards and I’ve got two low focus targets set up at about five yards.



Off the start signal, you're going to draw and shoot two rounds on each target within the circles. My goal here is about three and a half seconds so we’ll see how it goes. 

All right, there you go. There’s your fun, fast and effective training tool to help you pick up speed on those low focus targets and get your hits on the high focus targets. Until next time, shoot fast and don’t miss. 







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