PRO TIPS with Colt Pro Mark Redl



Pro Tip: Mark Redl - Movement at the Draw

What I just demonstrated is a standard draw and one shot drill. We’ve all done it and we all work on it. 

Once we’ve done enough repetitions to put it in our muscle memory and we’ve mastered it, the next progression is to learn how to move and draw at the same time. 

This is very important for a couple of reasons, in the competition world we normally don’t just start and face a target and shoot it. You’re going to get the buzzer and move to a shooting position and draw while moving to that shooting position. 

The other reason I like to do it is for concealed carry, or personal protection. If you’re out on the street and a situation arises, the ability to move and draw at the same time to get you off the center line of attack is very advantageous to you in controlling the situation and maybe de-escalating it down to where you don’t need to use your firearm.


So what we are going to do now is set up a drill that I use to help progress to the next level. 

I have two shoot targets and a no shoot target in a straight line. When you’re at the start position and the buzzer goes off, you must move laterally in order to engage the two shoot targets. Very simple drill, but it’s building muscle memory for me to always confirm that I draw and move at the same time. 

You’ll notice on the start buzzer my hand goes to my gun and I make my move, but I do not draw the gun until I have planted and set myself to engage the targets. This is very important safety aspect of doing this drill. 


Let's take a look at the targets. My first target, I got a great center group right here in my center mass. I did pull one round. I got to pushing too fast and I pulled a round. 

When we go back to the rear target I am still in center mass. It spreads out a little bit. Of course, we have further distance. And again, I pulled one round out on this target. I was getting ahead of myself. 


What we are looking for here is accuracy, whenever I do drills, and I am trying to build a skill. I want to make sure that I do it at a pace where I make accurate shots at all times. 

In this drill, I am looking for down zero in four seconds or less. As you practice your time will come down because you become more comfortable with the move and draw. 

So simple drill. Take it out to the range and next time you see me, let me know how you made out.   







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