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Pro Tip: Colt Pro Maggie Reese -  PCC Bill Drill

Pistol Caliber Carbine is one of the fastest growing divisions in the shooting sports and it is easy to understand why. I’ve got my Colt 6951. You can find it on the website as the Colt nine millimeter Carbine. This gun is fun to shoot.


You can take it so many places, virtually anywhere you can take your pistol.

So that opens you up to a variety of different shooting options such as indoor ranges or outdoor ranges that only have steel rated for pistol. So I take mine everywhere I go with my other nine millimeter hand guns. I only have to travel with one caliber.


And I can do some really fun things, I can practice my shooting positions for rifle. But with this PCC Gun, what I will do is set up a Bill Drill and take you through it.  

That is something that you can really use to work through your speed, but still in a controlled manner, because the purpose of a Bill Drill is to keep them all in the A zone.


I set up the target, fire six shots as fast as I can, using all of the same techniques that I use for rifle shooting, aggressive stance, feet shoulder width apart, good firm grip, see that sight picture. Six shots in the target and I am going to take you through it right now.  



I am using a metric target from USPSA, it's got a clearly defined A zone and my goal today with this Bill Drill is to keep all six shots in the A zone.

I want to do that as fast as possible. Any time I see something that strays outside I am going to reign it back in for that complete control over keeping it all within the A zone. I will walk back now to about ten yards or thirty feet to do this drill.

When shooting this drill a comfortable speed from port arms with my PCC for me is about is approximately two seconds, that’s where I know I can keep them all within the A zone.  

What I want to do though, is keep pushing the speed. As I do that I can get down to about one-point-nine, just losing a few shots outside of the A zone, but that’s a comfortable spot for me combining speed and accuracy.  

As you can see the majority of my shots were here within the A zone. That’s when I am shooting at my comfortable pace, keeping them all within the A zone, but as I started to pick up speed I lost a few outside down into the C, so it's all about finding that balancing act of speed and accuracy.

I’m Maggie Reece for Colt and I hope to see you on the range.

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