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Pro Tip: Ken Hackathorn – Triple Prez

The traditional El Presidente is a shooting drill that begins with your back to the threat. The shooter turns to engage three targets with two hits on each, reload and repeat.


We are going to do something a little bit different than the traditional El Presidente with a little greater degree of difficulty today in this Pro Tip. It’s what I call the Tri-Presidente. It’s a little bit different than the traditional El Presidente.


You’re going to fire three rounds on each target then one head shot on each target.


This next piece of the Tri-Presidente will makes it more difficult because Daryl is loading my magazine right now.

He is going to load somewhere between a six rounds and ten rounds so I don’t know when the reload is going to happen.


This is a 12-round drill, so consequently I am going to be forced to do an emergency reload and I don’t know when it’s going to come.  


Now if you want to keep score, it goes like this: more than 21 seconds is a fail; 17 seconds to a 20 is a D, which is still passing; 14 to 17 is a C; 11 to 14 is a B; and 10 or lower that’s an A.

Now remember it's your time plus one second added for every point you drop, go to the range check it out.

And, remember in the real world you reload when you have to, not when you want to.






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