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Pro Tip: Colt Pro Maggie Reese -  Rifle Grip and Stance

I want to talk to you about a proper grip and stance for rifle shooting, and how that will help you transition between targets.


First and foremost, I’ve got my Colt 6920 and I have configured it for open division. This rifle is perfect for shooting three gun.

I’ve got it set up with two optics, my primary magnified optic as well as an offset red dot. For our purposes today and this drill, I am going to use my primary optic.

I have dialed it down to one power. That is going to be the same as what you Tactical guys use as well. So let's get right into it.


I want to stand aggressively, feet shoulder width apart, the weight forward on the balls of my feet, and I am going to use my weak side or off side leg and that is going to be pushed a little bit forward for me as a right handed shooter.



I’m gripping strong around the pistol grip, and I am going to use my weak hand to grip up forward, and use my index finger to point forward. That is going to help me drive back and forth between the targets.




So, aggressive stance, strong grip. Shoulder the gun, or have it down at the waist. What I want to look for is consistency, so every time I drive the gun I want to mimic the same movement again, push forward into the target, shoulder the rifle, use this hand, my off hand to pull back into my shoulder.

Tuck my face down, get a proper cheek weld against the butt stock, find my position and fire the trigger.

Now for you lady shooters, if you are a little bit hesitant to hold the gun up for a long period of time as you transition through a longer stage. You can always go back to a resting neutral position, but it is going to be the same thing again when you are getting ready to start shooting. Pull up, shoulder, grip, pull back in, proper cheek weld, and look for that target.

All of those things are going to help you shoot fast and accurately as you transition through targets.



Now here’s a fast and easy drill to practice your transition shooting with rifle. I’ve set two targets up. I am going to fire two shots, transition to the next target and fire two shots again.  

Now typically in three gun shooting we do what’s called time plus scoring, so it will be one shot in the A zone to neutralize or two shots anywhere on the target.


I typically go for two shots anywhere in the target as fast as I can so my proper grip and stance will help me align on the first target, get a clear sight picture and push through to the next target.


Now remember, don’t just practice in one direction. If you are shooting left to right follow up with right to left shooting so you can get both skills nailed down.

By using the simple transition drill, you can practice a proper grip and stance, all techniques that will help you become a better multi-gun shooter, I’m Maggie Reese and I hope to see you on the range.





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