PRO TIPS with Colt Pro Mark Redl



 Mark Redl - Shooting while Moving

What I just demonstrated was a simple drill that works on my foot movement and precision shooting, this drill incorporates rearward movement, lateral movement, but the most important thing, I’m going from a large target to a small one. I have to keep my sights aligned perfectly and have proper trigger press.


But first let me show you how to make this target very simply. This is your standard IDPA target this is all ready to go to shoot this drill, but a lot of people don’t have these. Let me show you just using a sheet of paper a roll of tape and a ten-inch plate how I can make my own target at any time and it’s still effective for these drills. I just make my circle for my center  mass with my plate and I use my roll of tape to make my upper hit zone. Just using simple items, you can make a very effective target to use at any time anywhere.






Now that we’ve hung our target, let’s talk about this drill and break it down to its real nuts and bolts. This drill is actually three strings of fire that we flow together into one continuous motion.


So, to start with on the buzzer, I am going to start retreating. While retreating, I am going to shoot two rounds into the lower scoring area followed by one round to the upper scoring area. Once I do that I am going to move to my left and, while moving to my left, I am going to do the same thing, two rounds to the lower scoring area, one round to the upper scoring area. 



Then I am going to move to my right, and I am going to do two rounds to the lower scoring area, one round to the upper scoring area. 




The most important thing about this and to be able to keep those nice shots in the scoring areas is you must flex your legs, bend them and let them act as shock absorbers and you don’t want to break a shot as you're stepping down on your foot. You want to either do it before or after because that stabilizes your shooting platform.



These are the results I’m looking for in this drill. All of my hits in the lower scoring zone and all the hits in the upper scoring zone. 

When you are first starting this drill the timer is only your start buzzer. Don’t pay attention to any times. These are the results you're looking for. Once you master making your hits consistently in the two scoring zones, then you start looking at your time. For me, this was 5.90 run, one of my personal best. Next time I see you at the range, let me know how this drill is working for you.






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