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Pro Tip: Mark Redl - The 3-6-9 Walk Back Drill

There are a lot of variations out there, but this is the way I do it. 

The first thing you’ll notice I start it from a high ready position and I do that for two reasons. 

Number one, if I am trying to isolate this drill and concentrate and learn about my sight picture, and seeing a great sight picture and trigger press; if I have a bad draw it takes away everything I am trying to learn in this drill. 


The second reason I do it, there’s a lot of ranges around the country that do not allow you to draw from the holster when you are practicing.

This drill can be done from a high ready position in any range across the country and you’re going to get the benefits of it.


Now let's take a look at the target and you’ll see that all of my rounds are center mass. That’s the most important aspect of this drill. 

I am not using a timer because the sight picture is what’s dictating how fast I press the trigger for an accurate shot. You can even see this one round is out a little bit. I saw my sights were off a little bit, but it was an acceptable sight picture for the distance I was at. 

So remember, you don’t want to have any rounds outside that center of mass area on the target. Anything outside is considered a miss. 

As you move back the sight picture looks different. Your front sight is going to cover more and more of the center of mass, but my cadence slows down a little bit because I can only shoot as fast as I see an accurate sight picture. 

My favorite saying is your sights are your speedometer. Remember this is not a speed drill.


What we are trying to accomplish is a nice tight group, center of mass, of my target. 

At every distance we go back we want crisp clean sight pictures. As you work on this drill and you keep looking at accurate sight pictures, your speed will naturally become faster. So take this drill, work on it, and next time you see me at the range let me know how you’re doing.









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