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Pro Tip: Mark Redl - The Bang and Click



Sometimes when you shoot doubles and triples your group doesn't stay nice and tight. It can spread, and usually the second round is low left. I have a drill to help you reduce that grouping down to a nice tight group.  It’s called the Bang and Click. 


Here’s how we run the drill. I load my gun and remove the magazine. I start in a high ready position, fire a round. The gun cycles and then I fire it on an empty chamber. 


We remove the magazine so that the gun doesn't lock back after the last round. We want it to cycle so I could fire on an empty chamber. The gun should stay perfectly still on the second trigger pull. This is very important to keep in my group size very small.



The target is a simple piece of cardboard with an impact area drawn on it. There's no need to spend a lot of money on cardboard targets when you can make your own. 

So now, let’s load up and go back to live fire. I’ll go a little faster and see how tight my group can stay.



Take this drill to your range and practice the Bang and Click drill. The next time you see me at the range, let me know how it helped reduce your group sizes.








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