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Pro Tip: Mark Redl - Target Transitions


What I just did was a very simple three shot drill on one target. My time was two-point-six-two. We're going to talk about transitions, and I'm going to give you a great drill to practice transitions. It is very important in the competition and I want to be able to shoot three targets with one round each in the same amount of time that I could shoot one target with three rounds each.


Colt22-Transitions-2I just shot one round at each target. My time was two-point-six-zero. The difference between shot-to-shot on the same target, versus the transition shot-to-shot on three targets is the same. That's my goal whenever I'm training on transitions.






The most important technique while doing transition drills is eye movement. I fire a shot at my first target, immediately snap my eyes to the next target, then snap my gun to my eyes. Your hands will always follow your eyes. This is how I consistently get great hits during transitions.

Eye movement is the most important technique in training on transitions. 


I want to leave you with a nine-shot transition drill that really hones my skill on doing transitions. Place three targets with about two feet in between, edge-to-edge on the targets. Start at one side and shoot target one, two, then three. Then go back to the first target and fire one more round. You will be doing a short transition, short transition, then long transition.


Now remember one of the most important things is, you want to work your transitions from right to left and left to right. You should be able to do in the same amount of time no matter which way you're going. You never know in the of course of fire which way you have to shoot them. 

Next time I see you at the range let me know how your transitions and shots have improved.






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