Julie Golob - Starting in USPSA Competition


As a new shooter to USPSA, besides safety, one of the things you can do to instill confidence is get great hits. And to do that you want to break down a stage into its simplest form. We’re going to break down this stage to help you build that confidence and get ready to go shoot.



This is an 18 round course of fire with 9 targets. The start position is right here behind this fault line.  At the buzzer I’m going to draw and enter the free fire zone. These boundaries tell me where I can and can’t be on the stage.  If I cross that I’m going in acrue penalties.



When I come to my first position I’m going to see three targets right here and I’m going to engage them, two four and six.



Because I have ten rounds in my gun, I’m going to go ahead and reload and then advance to a second position where, again I’m keeping it nice and simple.  I have two, four, and six rounds. 



Another reload then I’m going to advance to the final position where I have the final targets two, four, six.



That makes 18 rounds, keeping everything very simple, so that you can focus on being safe and getting those good hits.

Now that you’ve built that confidence here are things you can do to take it to the next level. As I’m advancing after the draw, instead of getting all the way sucked into this position, I’m going to stay back a little bit. I’m going to stay back so I can see just this A zone. Two, four, six. 


I’m also staring straight at this target. I might as well shoot it because I’m standing right here. So there is my eight and if I perform a reload.  I’ve saved a load on this stage.



At this section right here, I can actually shoot these targets on the move, so I’ve got two and four, and immediately transition into the final targets, six, eight, and ten. If you do that you are going to save a whole lot of time.



The advanced shooter is always moving and shooting. This is what saves time on the stage. As you shoot more matches and improve, you bridge the gap between beginner and advanced techniques. It all comes together with practice and experience.




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