Julie Golob – The Benefits of Lasers

Lasers are not only great tools for personal protection, they can also help you to learn to shoot better, first and foremost you want to look for a laser that is easy to activate. The laser on this M & P Shield M is ambidextrous meaning I can hit it with my trigger finger or my support side thumb.


Lasers are also great in low or no light conditions and from shooting in unusual positions as well. But they are also a great way to diagnose any errors in your shooting and that is what we will be talking about in today’s Pro Tip.


The key is you want the laser to be your guide. You want to hold it on the center of the target as steady as possible. Now as you squeeze the trigger and the shot breaks, you can begin to diagnose any errors.


If it flips up I am anticipating the shot. If I see it yank down low, that’s when I know that I have a trigger problem, or a flinch problem.


By diagnosing on target and trying to keep that laser nice and steady you can help solve the problem. When you fire a shot the laser will move and that’s fine, as long as the laser is on target as the shot breaks, and matches your point of impact.


One final benefit of lasers is that they are also a teaching tool to keep both eyes open. A lot of shooters will close one eye, squint when they are shooting, and that’s not the best way to focus on the target.


With lasers you are going to have that red dot centered on your target and you keep both eyes open because they are captivated by what is going on in front. That’s definitely a benefit, great for personal protection, great for a training tool. Lasers are really something you should check out.


Until next time be safe and have fun.






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