Julie Golob The Barricades

This Pro Tip is all about getting started in the sport of action pistol, specifically the barricade event.

I’ve got two AP one targets set up behind me, six feet edge to edge. And if you don’t have a barricade that’s no problem. I’ve got a solution for you. A target stand with a backer serves you just as well. 

First things first, let’s talk about start position.




For the first string, I am going to start as a right-handed shooter, on the right side, since it’s a little easier for me. I am going to shoot six shots into this target in five seconds. 

You're a little off balance and that means it is going to cause your sights to lift a little higher. Let them settle and take each shot one at a time.



For the left side, I have to lean even more, so that means I am going to feel the recoil and I am going to have to make sure the sights settle each time.  It’s much more difficult. 


Now, let’s move back to the 15-yard line. 

From this position, even though we are just five yards farther back, it is going to make a big difference in how your sights move on the target, because of that little bit of a lean.

One of the things to pay attention to is footwork and you can play around with this. For me, I like to keep my right foot forward as a right handed shooter. It just helps me get around the barricade a little bit easier.


On the left, I bring my left foot forward and again it helps me get on target and stay on target. 

At 15 yards we get an extra second, so you have six seconds to shoot six shots from each side. 

At 15 yards it’s very difficult to hit that four inch X ring, but that is the ultimate goal here. You don’t want to shoot at the target, you want to let the sights settle in the center for every shot. It’s a lot easier for me, as a right-handed shooter, on the right side. 

As I transition to this left side, I really want to use as much time as possible. One side of the barricade will be easier for you.

So, there you have it. For this drill, I used my Smith and Wesson M & P Core M-2.0 pistol. It’s a great option for the Production Optics Division in Action Pistol. 

If you’ve never shot around a barrier before, go ahead and give this one a try. It’s very easy to set up. Until next time be safe and have fun. 








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