Steel Strategy


Steel Challenge is one of the most popular shooting sports out there, but some people have a difficult time training for it because they don’t have the steel.  We’ve solved that problem. We’re setting up paper targets. We’re going to take USPSA targets and flip them white side out and use a simple sheet of paper for our stop plate. 

This is smoke and hope one of the fastest stages in Steel Challenge. It’s a lot of fun.  I’m going to show you the four different, fastest ways to shoot this stage.



The first way to shoot the targets is to sweep the large targets right to left and finish up on the stop plate. Another way is to switch directions and shoot the targets left to right.



Some people find that transitioning all the way to the left or right hand target is difficult when coming back to the stop plate because it is so small.  So what we are going to do is show you a different way to shoot this stage.




The next way to tackle the stage would be to shoot the first two targets on the right, right to left, transition to the left most target and sweep left to right until you reach the stop plate.




The final way would be to start on the left, shooting left to right, drive the gun to the right target and shoot right to left.








I’ve shown you four ways to shoot Smoke and Hope, now we are going to put the timer on and see which might be the fastest for me.


I’ve just shown you four ways to shoot smoke and hope, believe it or not, there was one that is definitely more comfortable for me. That last one was three-tenths-of-a-second faster.  So take this to the range, try out every single way to shoot it.  Figure out what is comfortable and quicker for you to shoot and I’ll see you at the next Steel Challenge.

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