U.S. Steel Championship 

Shooting USA - Steel Championship 

28-01-1Steel championship shooting is certainly the most spectator friendly of the pistol sports, and that appeal is felt by the shooters as well. There is instant feed back from the sound of a solid hit on the steel. And, there is a division for everyone in the steel game. 

There is a production division which makes the cost to start in center-fire steel competition very affordable. 

At the top of the sport, there are the open division center fire shooters. Compensators and red dot optics are the norm in this division.

Then there are the limited division shooters, using centerfire calibers in enhanced 1911 designs with iron sights.

28-01-2There are two divisions for revolver enthusiasts, the Open division for those who prefer an optic, and Limited for iron sight shooters. 

The open and limited distinction also govern the Rim-Fire divisions of Steel Championship shooting. The biggest difference, aside from the small caliber, is that competitors start from a low ready position. No holsters are needed to compete in either of the rim-fire divisions of steel shooting. It is the accessibility of the rim-fire division that attracts so many new shooters to steel shooting and attracts juniors.

Your score in Steel Competition is the total seconds required to shoot the best four strings of fire out of five attempts on each stage of fire.


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