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28-03-1NRA action pistol competition, it’s better known as the Bianchi Cup. The match began in 1978 in the Midwest. Now it’s a world-wide competition with shooters coming from Europe, Australia, and many more countries, to compete in the most prestigious hand gun match of all time. 

This year the Bianchi cup celebrated a significant milestone, 30 years. To honor the history, the NRA invited one of the founders of the match. John Bianchi was back at the range for the match he created. John Bianchi and Ray Chapman, created a competition from police training tactics at the Chapman academy in Columbia, Missouri.

28-03-2John Bianchi is still surprised at how things have changed with the popularity of the competition: “It’s amazing what’s happened in 30 years. I think back to what this place looked like years ago, and it was kind of a swamp, and the growth, and the spirit that I see here is just terrific. I had no idea that it would survive 30 years and continue to have vibrancy and growth.”

The competition is made up of four famous stages of fire— the Practical, the Falling Plates, the Barricades, and the Mover. Each stage requires precision shooting under tight time limits. That’s the challenge to win the NRA action pistol championship, the Bianchi Cup.

Four time cup winner, John Pride, has shot in 26 Bianchi Cup Championships. He recalls why the match became so successful, with holster manufacturer John Bianchi putting up serious prize money, “It was really one of the first matches to bring sport shooting into the professional arena. Anytime you put $5,000 in cash or $10,000. This match, right around 1981, was worth about $30,000 for whoever walked away with the win. At that time, that was Mickey Fowler.”

And there’s serious money for this year’s winner of The Bianchi Cup.

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