The International Revolver Championship

Shooting USA - The International Revolver Championship

28-04-1It’s the annual gathering of wheel gunners for the International Revolver Championship in Morro Bay, California... world class action shooting championship to find the masters of the double action revolver.

The double action revolver was first issued by the Army in the late 1880’s. Back then, that advancement in firearms technology was ahead of it’s time. 

In the 21st Century semi-autos are the choice of the military and most law enforcement agencies, but the wheel gun is still a part of the shooting community. And if you want to see the very best in double action revolver shooting, the place to be is the International Revolver Championship.

28-04-2If you have ever wondered just how fast you could be with a revolver, you’re not alone. In fact, you would be among an ever-growing contingent of shooters, who have journeyed to Morro Bay, California for the 17th annual International Revolver Championships. 

All of the shooters are trying to clear each stage of fire as quickly as possible as their time, in seconds, becomes their score. But they have to be accurate, as well as fast, because the hits on the NRA D-1 targets will effect the final time for the stage. Shots in the X and A zones add no time, shots in the B zone add one second, and shots in the C zone add two seconds.

It’s a simple scoring system that rewards speed and accuracy and provides instant feedback to the shooter and spectators as the Range Officer announces the time.

There are two basic classes of competition — the Open Division, that allows optics, compensators, and enhancements; and the Limited Division, for iron sights and essentially stock revolvers.

In recent years, the IRC has become a family sport, attracting juniors to shoot and compete along side their parents.


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