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28-05-2The past comes alive in Tulsa at the United States Shooting Academy's Pro Am Match, a skins game, with money on the line for each stage of fire, and with a different way of scoring. Phil Strader recreates a match out of our past, 15 years after the first TV Skins Game Shooting Event.

It was 1993, the first year of producing our gun shows. ESPN was our network then and they ordered a one hour gun sports special. We created a pistol match that was a skins game, money to the winner on each stage of fire, scored in targets knocked down within a time limit, a par time. Phil Strader wasn’t a pro shooter then and wasn’t invited to that match, but he saw that show and always wanted to recreate that match. 15 years later he’s done it at the United States Shooting Academy. 

28-05-1Phil says, “It is pretty much the same concept as it was before, it’s pretty simple equipment, Iron sighted guns. It’s actually a pretty simple match. What it comes down to is if you can hit the steel, it’s an all par time match. There are eight stages. There are probably three hundred, and just over three hundred pieces of steel, and every stage involves a par time.”

The Par Time is the time limit to shoot as many targets as possible. Targets down is the score.

28-05-3The time limit will be different for each stage and the shooters have to listen for the stop signal because overtime shots will result in penalties. Shooters also must be aware that each stage win is worth $500. Ties on a stage will carry the money over to the next stage.

The format of the USSA Pro Am is a test of all aspects of practical shooting. There’s accuracy, speed, round count, efficiency of motion, reloads. and of course, the ability to shoot on the move. And you have to put all those together to have the most hits on any one of the stages in Tulsa. 


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