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28-08-1The United States Practical Shooting Association has a problem caused by success. In the few years since the designation of the production gun division participation at the local level has risen dramatically, and so has the demand to shoot at the National Championships. There have been waiting lists every year for the nationals, but the opening of the United States Shooting Academy Ranges in Tulsa has been the best answer to satisfying the demand. Because that facility is large enough to run National Championships in the Production, Revolver, and the Limited Divisions at the same time.

The USPSA has created shooting divisions for each type of handgun:

28-08-2The Limited Division allows highly evolved, high capacity, semi-autos that usually are based on the 1911 design. Limited guns may not use an optic or a compensator to help control recoil. Most often, Limited guns are chambered in .40 S&W.

Production Division shooters, with off-the-shelf factory guns, compete with a lower power factor. 9mm is the preferred caliber and magazine capacity is limited to ten rounds.


28-08-3The Revolver Division allows competition for those who prefer the wheel gun, competing to see who will finish second, behind Jerry Miculek. The choice of Cartridge is the .38 Special.

There are National Championships for each Division and corporate bragging rights for a National Title. That keeps the pressure on the best handgun shooters in the country through 19 challenging stages of fire.



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