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28-12-1It’s the new form of Cowboy Action Shooting for competitors who want more challenge in the game. Western Three Gun scores points for accuracy and designs stages of fire that require shooting on the move. It’s the next step for cowboys and cowgirls.

Cowboy Action Shooting is the biggest single success story in the shooting sports of all time. But some of the best shooters in the game, some of the previous world champions, are looking for more challenge on the stages of fire. The result is a new shooting sport called Western Three Gun.

28-12-2At first glance, one might think that this is just another Cowboy Action match, shooters in western costumes, with period firearms, shooting steel targets; but that is where the similarity ends. Because this is the high action, high accuracy, version of cowboy shooting. For the shooters in this sport, the primary difference is that it is legal, and required, to shoot on the move.

It’s the intent of stage designers to require movement while shooting, much like an IPSC competition stage of fire. “We don’t want to have the individual be able to just stand in one spot, and shoot multiple targets, or a lot of targets. We want to set it up to be where they have to move to be able to see the target, and then engage the target. That’s the whole key to shooting Western Three Gun.”

Then there’s the emphasis on accuracy, not just on hitting the target plate somewhere. 28-12-3Rifle and pistol targets offer a bonus for accuracy. The center portion of the target has an overlay, or a knock out. If the shooter hits that part of the target, he not only gets a hit, but he gets a one second bonus off of his total time. With anywhere from 16 to 22 possible bonuses on a single stage, the top shooters can actually score negative times.

Western Three Gun – The next step for Cowboys and Cowgirls looking for more challenge in their shooting competition.


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