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Shooting USA - Bianchi Cup 2009

28-17-2This time we mark a major milestone for the richest handgun match in the country. It’s the NRA Action Pistol World Championship, better known as The Bianchi Cup, and it’s now 30 years old. 

The Bianchi Cup is the Championship of NRA action pistol competition. The match began in 1978 as competition for Law Enforcement. It was created by John Bianchi, the holster manufacturer, and the late Ray Chapman, who ran a prominent training facility in the Midwest. 

28-17-1Now it’s a world-wide competition with shooters coming from Europe, Australia, and many more countries, to compete in the most prestigious hand gun match of all time. 

The competition is shot on four famous stages of fire— the Practical, the Falling Plates, the Barricades, and the Mover. Each stage requires precision shooting under tight time limits. That’s the challenge to win the NRA action pistol championship, the Bianchi Cup.




And in this anniversary year, there’s a new gun classification to invite more shooters into the match - the Production Gun Division - that welcomes shooters with the semi-auto pistol they likely already own. 




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