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Shooting USA - The Sportsman's Team Challenge

29-01-1This time we're coming at you in three's with three guns, three man teams, and three days under the hot Texas sun at the Sportsman Team Challenge. It's a great challenge and great family entertainment.

Each year The Sportsman’s Team Challenge has been adding competitors at the Nationals and at the regional events, as more teams show up to enjoy this combination shooting sport. Famlies and groups of friends are hearing of the fun involved in shooting most everything in their firearms collections. The challenge is shooting pistol, rifle, and shotgun at multiple targets under time limits.



The National competition is a three day shoot out at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. And the team is the key to this competition. You’ll need a pair of shooting partners to compete.



There are three reactive steel target events, shot under time limits:

The Rifle Event: Teams in the open class have 90 seconds to hit targets up to 90 yards away.

The Pistol Event: This one is a relay race. Each team member shoots, then tags-up, so the next shooter can sprint to the firing line. The first shooter uses a .22 pistol. The second team member shoots steel targets with a centerfire semi-auto. The third shooter fires .22 rounds at 4 inch squares. All targets are reactive steel.

The Combo Event: All three team members shooting at the same time, from three shooting positions Two competitors shoot .22 pistols, the third shoots a .22 rifle.

29-01-3The Shotgun Stages are team versions of Sporting Clays:

The Flurry:  Five clays come at you all at once. Then the birds keep coming at the rate of one every second.  The best teams have one member shooting, while the others reload. Maximum load is two in the shotgun.

The Flush: Like the flurry, five clays come at once, but with two machines throwing from each side and a teal popping up in the center.  On this stage each team member covers a specific area of the sky.

The Mixed Bag: Team members take turns shooting pairs, but there are 8 random combinations of pairs with no warning where they’re coming from next.

The Sportsman’s Team Challenge challenges all your shooting skills, with the competitors insisting it is the most fun they’ve had in the shooting sports.

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