The Pro-Am Match in Tulsa

The Pro-Am Match in Tulsa

29-04-1This is the second installment of a skins match from out of our past. It’s all steel targets inside par times at the Pro Am from Tulsa. 

The idea for the Pro Am came and went back in the early 90’s, as a made for TV gun match created during our shows on ESPN. It was good, but it didn’t live on. But last year, Phil Strader revived the Pro Am concept. We covered it and it was such a success that he’s done it again. And this time, he has some additions to make a great match even better.

29-04-2Following the model of success created at last years Pro Am Match, this year there are many of the same elements in play. There is still a vast array of steel targets to knock down. There are still the par times, or time limits on each stage with your score determined by the number of targets down when time expires. New this year is an Open Division to take the action, the speed and the fun even higher.

Phil explained the idea of adding the Open Division: “There is a huge fun factor with the match. And when you think about fun, you think of an open gun. If you have ever shot an open gun, it is a lot of fun, even if you are not that good at it. It’s just fun. I thought about it, and I agreed with the comments that to make this match more fun, how much fun would this match be with an open gun?

The Match also picked up a lot more amateur classified shooters, attracted to shooting with the professionals, and to a very substantial prize table. More than 175 shooters ran through the 8 stages of fire during the match.

And just like golf, the professionals shot head-to-head for “skins”, cash money on each stage of fire to be claimed by the shooter with the highest target count under the tight time limits set as the par time.


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