The International Revolver Championship 2009

The International Revolver Championship 2009

29-06-1For the fans of the revolver, the place to test your skill is the International Revolver Championship. It's the big one for fans of the wheel gun, world-wide.

They come from across the United States, and from halfway around the world to the Hogue Action Pistol Range in Monterey, California, to compete in the International Revolver Championship. If you want to face off with the best in the world of wheel guns, the IRC is the place to do it. But bragging rights aren’t the only thing drawing these shooters to the beautiful California coast. Ask them why they’re here, and more often than not, you’re going to hear the word fun.

29-06-2Competitors try to clear each stage of fire as fast as possible. The time in seconds measured on an electronic timer, is the score. But they have to be accurate, as well as fast, because the hits on the NRA D-1 targets will effect the final time for the stage. Shots in the X and A zones add no time, shots in the B zone add one second, and shots in the C zone add two seconds. Steel targets hit add no time. It’s a simple scoring system that rewards speed and accuracy.

29-06-3There are two primary classes of competition — the Open Division, that allows optics and compensators, and the Limited Division, for iron sights and stock revolvers.

The IRC is now established as a family sport, attracting juniors to shoot and compete along side their parents.



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