USPSA Handgun Nationals

USPSA Handgun Nationals – Production and Open Divisions

29-07-1It’s run and gun national championship action from the desert outside of Las Vegas as we bring you match coverage of the USPSA Open and Production Nationals. The temperature is topping 100 degrees and the competition is just as hot as the best handgun shooters vie for the 2009 national titles.


29-07-2The United States Practical Shooting Association has created shooting divisions for each type of handgun. The Open Division allows highly evolved, high capacity, semi-autos that usually are based on the original 1911 design. Open guns have almost no limits to enhancements, including red dot or holographic optic sights, high capacity magazines with up to 21 rounds, plus gas jet compensators to control muzzle flip and reduce recoil. Holsters are skeletonized speed rigs to cut the time from the start buzzer to the first shot on target. Open Division competitors will be the fastest on any stage of fire.

29-07-3Production Division shooters, with off-the-shelf factory guns, and are limited to ten rounds per magazine. Production shooters will require more reloads on each stage of fire and, with open sights, are expected to be slower than the Open division shooters. But it’s the Production Division that has the strongest support from industry manufacturers, because titles won in the division directly influence gun sales across the country.


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