The NMLRA Nationals

The NMLRA Nationals

29-08-1We’re stepping back in time to the annual gathering of black powder fans at the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association championships in Friendship, Indiana, the small town that’s not quite as big as the pistol, rifle, and shotgun ranges that have been hosting black powder shooting for more than 75 years. 

The NMLRA has hosted three-quarters of a century of competitive shooting and appreciation for the historic firearms of the past.

29-08-4Whether dressing in period clothing to live the week as a mountain man, or shooting for score on the competition ranges, the members of the NMLRA have been gathering each year to celebrate America’s shooting traditions and compete with the kinds of firearms our forefathers owned when they wrote the second amendment. Year after year, Spring and Fall, the faithful come by the hundreds to Friendship for the excitement of the shooting competition and to celebrate the history, the tradition, and the fine art of gun-making from the past. 

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