The USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals 

Shooting USA - The USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals

29-10-1We're in the desert near Las Vegas for run and gun action with pistol, rifle, and shotgun. It's the USPSA Multi-gun Nationals with a new commitment to setting up challenges for the competitors that are worthy of awarding national titles.




29-10-2USPSA President and Multi-Gun Champion, Michael Voigt says the nationals in this sport have to be under the control of experienced 3-gun competitors to set up the stage challenges: “This is a match that has to be run by our three-gun and multi-gun shooters.” Voigt says, “All of the courses were designed by our multi-gun competitors. The courses are being officiated by the guys who shoot multi-gun, and this area has a good multi-gun base. And it’s also in Las Vegas, so everyone has a good excuse to be here.”

29-10-3The Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club range is the location for this National, and the location helps add to the challenge facing the shooters.

Michael Voigt says, “We’ve got a little bit of everything. We’ve got some very rapid shooting, we’ve got close range targets. We’ve got ports that we’re working, with stage props, quite a lot of swingers. We have moving targets, flying targets, we’ve got long range precision rifle targets, a little bit of everything.“

Everything necessary to challenge the competitors and award a national title.

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