The S&W US Steel Championships 

Shooting USA - The S&W US Steel Championships

29-15-1This is the fastest action in the handgun sports. Steel shooting — draw and shoot five steel plates as fast as you can. The scoring is simple. It’s the time it takes to shoot four target plates and the designated stop plate, on each string of fire. Competitors fire five strings on a stage and score the best four strings for an overall total. The electronic timers are gun shot activated and are accurate to a hundredth of a second. If you need an extra shot to pick up a missed target, you’re not winning.

29-15-2There are four primary titles in contention:

The Rimfire Steel Competition with the shooters beginning each stage of fire gripping their pistols in the low ready position, pointed down at a 45 degree angle, facing downrange.

The Limited Division Competition in centerfire calibers, using iron sights, and drawing from holsters to begin each string of fire.

29-15-3The Open Competition with purpose built “race guns” featuring compensators, red-dot optics and lightened slides for faster lock time from target to target.

The Steel Master Championship title is the quickest time over all for shooting all the stages with all three guns, Rimfire, Limited and Open.

All Championships are awarded in the Men’s and Women’s Divisions, with additional awards by age, occupation, and individual shooting sport rules.

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29-15-5The STI Steel Master with C-More Optic

This is the latest STI development in the full-house racegun market, the Steel Master designed for steel shooting. The 20-11 frame will be the first thing most recognize, but the Steel Master is shorter. The four inch slide is factory lightened and hand fitted to a Tru-Bore barrel and compensator. By shortening the barrel and slide, there is a reduction in both muzzle flip, as well as cycle time, allowing for faster follow-up shots and transitions. The Steel Master comes ready to run with a C-more red dot optic, with a six minute dot, on a blast shield mount with thumb guard. There is an aluminum mag-well that is more for grip position than reloads. If you are reloading in steel shooting, you are out of the running. The Steel Master will let you run as fast as you can in competition and it will run all factory 9mm ammo.

Suggested Retail with Optic: $2,800.

STI Information

C-More Information 

Crimson Trace Lasers

The LG-406 Laser Guard

29-15-6Designed for Smith and Wesson Sigma, the new LG-406 is very sleek and fits over the Sigma trigger guard in such a way that it looks like a factory design. Activation is under the middle finger and is intuitive, when you take a natural grip on your sigma. 

Pricing is very reasonable for an affordable carry gun, $209 suggested retail. 

More Info from Crimson Trace

The Crimson Trace MVF-515 Green.

29-15-7The green laser is a five mega watt class 3R laser,the most powerful allowed for consumer use. And this translates into a dot you can see, night or day. The MVF 515 also houses a variable power, high intensity LED light, from 150 to 200 lumens. The activation is by pressure pads on the grip. 

The Crimson Trace MVF-515 Green is $649 suggested retail.

More Info from Crimson Trace


Pro Tip: Phil Strader on Sight Management


In competition, not getting a good sight picture will cost you accuracy and a match. But, too much time spent lining-up the sights will hurt your times. So we’ve got Phil Strader to help, with a Pro Tip guaranteed to work.


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