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Shooting USA - The North-South Skirmish Association

29-16-3It's the War Between the States re-enacted in live fire competition, with original firearms from the war on the shooting line. The North-South Skirmish Association members are as authentic as re-enactors commemorating the Civil War. But, N-SSA members shoot in matches called Skirmishes.



Turn back the clock to the 1860’s, South of the Mason-Dixon Line, to a time when Americans fought each other, taking 29-16-4up arms on the field of battle to fight The Civil War. Now turn the clock forward to modern times, when North and South are still squaring off, but this time on the field of competition. It’s for sport, for fun, and for the preservation of an important part of our nation’s heritage. A Skirmish is not a re-enactment. It is a shooting match with powder and lead. It’s competition in the deep South Region of the North-South Skirmish Association. Members from more than a half-dozen states have come to Alabama to Brierfield Ironworks State Park.

29-16-1A North-South Skirmish is competition as a team with rifles, muskets, carbines and cap and ball revolvers. Anything that saw action in the Civil War has a place on the firing line, either an original, or an authentic reproduction. Teams of shooters break targets set at 50 yards, racing to clear all their targets in the shortest time.

The sights and sounds of a North-South skirmish are as close as you can get to experiencing the Civil War. So real that Hollywood has recorded the sound to use in movies.

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