End of Trail 2010 

Shooting USA - End of Trail 2010
We’re in the high desert of New Mexico for the Western festival and World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. Get your big hat and your six guns. It's time to be a cowboy at End of Trail.

End of Trail is as big as it gets in the Single Action Shooting Society. But when a handful of cowboy action shooters started SASS, nearly three decades ago, they had no idea what their creation would eventually become. They thought they’d be lucky to get 5,000 members. There are now 90,000 issued membership badges and recorded cowboy aliases, with shooters participating in local clubs around the world. 

30-02-2End of Trail draws more than a thousand competitors shooting single action six guns, rifles, and shotguns.  The guns must be originals or reproductions made prior to 1898 to be used in competition.  A typical stage will require 5 shots from each of two six guns, ten rounds from the rifle, chambered in a pistol caliber, and 6 to 8 shotgun rounds, fired from a side-by-side coach gun, or an early model pump gun, loaded two rounds at a time.

30-02-3It is a competition scored by time, with penalties for missing a target; but the appeal is way more than the scorecard.  End of Trail has become a huge Old West celebration of traditional values and a chance to live the life of the cowboy from our American past.



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