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Shooting USA - The IRC - International Revolver Championship
This Time it's the Super Bowl for revolver fans. The international revolver championship then Mike Irvine has investigative report on who shoots what in competition wheel-guns.

In one form or another, the revolver has been with us 175 years, since Sam Colt filed his first patent. In today’s crowded gun market, busy with polymer frame autoloaders, the wheel gun, is still being re-invented and is still a top choice for personal defense, and for competition.

30-03-2Once each year, the fans of the wheel-gun gather near Moro Bay, California, on the Hogue Action Pistol range, for the International Revolver Championship… to find out who is the world’s best.

The match is time plus scoring, with additional seconds added to the stage time for misses and less accurate shots on the targets.  Stages are a mix of reactive steel targets and NRA D-1 “tombstone” targets with scoring rings. 

30-03-3Revolvers must be centerfire, with a power not less than any commercially loaded .38 Special round. The idea is to emphasize the shooting, without adding difficulty in hot-loading rounds, or increasing recoil for the competitors. 

Entire families make up a large segment of IRC competitors, but the fastest growing segment is in a new category of competition.  IRC organizers reached out to the other shooting sports to create the Retro Division. Both IDPA and USPSA revolver division competitors are welcome with the equipment they already own and shoot in their respective sports.  Note: Retro Division name is now “Classic” Division.

The new division has brought in even more competitors and kept the International Revolver Championship expanding every year.

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History’s Guns – 1873 Single Action Army

30-03-4It is without question the most famous of all revolvers. In 140 years of nearly continuous production, the Peacemaker has become an American Icon.  If any firearm could be said to represent our history and our culture it is the Single Action Army.

Colt introduced famous .45 in 1873 and by 1940 Colt’s Manufacturing had built more than 350,000 of the famous revolvers. These early guns are designated First Generation, since Colt still makes its Single-Action Army. Third Generation Peacemakers are the guns to aspire to for Cowboy Action Shooters world wide. But the First Generation Colts, chambered in a wide variety of black powder cartridges, were the guns that helped settle the West. It’s that history you can hold in your hand and shoot.

NRA Whittington Center and Museum


Sighting In with Shooting USA - The Smith & Wesson Pro Team

SI30-03-1Now we're sighting in on the Folks in Blue. The men and women who make up  the most successful pro team, shooting for Smith and Wesson.

Over the past 15 years, it’s been great to see the growth in the teams of  professional shooters who represent the shooting industry. It is now  much like NASCAR. The pros wear the uniforms that carry the logos of their sponsors. And there are more blue Smith & Wesson uniforms in the shooting sports than any other team out there. The Smith & Wesson pro team is represented in nearly every discipline, with the  members finishing close to the top in every match they enter. Mike Irvine has a profile of the most successful pro team in the shooting sports.

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John Improves A Remington 700



Re-barreling a Remington 700 has always had to be performed by a gunsmith with the  proper tools and equipment to cut barrel threads and ream out chambers,  but not any more.





Bergara offers pre-threaded pre-chambered barrels for the Remington 700 using a jam nut system to set headspace.

Note: The Bergara pre-chambered barrel is now priced at $339. 

McCree Precision - Gen 5 T-Mag Chassis

Bushnell Elite 4200 - 6 to 24 x 50 Variable Scope 

Brownells 700 Action Wrench

Brownells Go No-Go Chamber Gauges


Two new Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22s

SI30-03-4The M&P 15-022 MOE version with folding Mag Pull sights and a Mag Pull  grip and with the classic birdcage flash hider.  It’s even closer to the centerfire AR in it’s appearance and features and that’s why a large  number of Law Enforcement agencies are now training with this rifle to help with their ammo budgets. Suggested Retail: $609



The M&P 15-22 P for Pistol. This one is not being used for training, but it is fun to own and to shoot. Suggested Retail: $519






CCI’s New AR Tactical 22 Ammo

SI30-03-6This is the new ammo the Law Enforcement agencies are using. CCI’s new AR  tactical 22 Long Rifle rounds. The CCI case, primer compound, bullet  lube, and round nose copper plated bullet, combine with clean burning  powder to guarantee effective and repeatable firing every time. In the M and P 15-22 the CCI ammo will print a 1.5 Inch Group at 100 yards.

You’ll find bricks of 375 rounds now at your dealer.  CCI Website


Centerfire Smith & Wessons for Competition

SI30-03-7The Model 625 JM
J-M stands for Jerry Miculek. This is the revolver with Jerry’s initials  etched in the grip of his own design. And it’s the model he uses to win  USPSA and IDPA titles, designed to his preferences.

The 625 JM is chambered for six rounds of 45 ACP to make major power factor in competition. The cylinder is cut to load with moon clips. Suggested  Retail: $979



SI30-03-8The Performance Center Model 627 for the IRC
This is 8 Shots in 357 magnum or 38 special, and comes with 3 moon clips.  The Model 627 from the Performance Center has the trigger and cylinder  hand fitted by the Master Gunsmiths and an action job. This one arrives  at your gun shop ready to compete. The grip is either wood or synthetic  and, for limited division competition, you’ve got the gold bead front  sight with an adjustable rear. Suggested Retail $1,249. 


Cowboy Revolver Art by Johnnie Scoutten

PeacemakerPrintsmA limited edition of 300 archive prints from the original art rendered in pastels. This is the first limited edition print in a series for fans  of the old west. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist. Each  comes with a certificate bearing the name of the original owner. 

The numbered, signed, prints are available exclusively through SASS  Mercantile and can be ordered on line, or by phone. Un-framed, the print is $295, framed, as you see it, is $395. 
View the details here.


Duck Tech - Cross Wind Strategy

SI30-03-9We’ve brought in the world’s best shotgunners to improve your sporting clays scores. But sporting clays is simulated bird hunting and there’s a lot more to bird hunting than just shooting. There’s the field strategy to attract the birds. So now the next step for water-fowlers. We call it Duck Tech with our resident bird hunter Mike Irvine



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