The NRA High Power Nationals &
A Shooting USA Profile of  Les Baer Sr.


Shooting USA - The NRA High Power Nationals &
A Shooting USA Profile of  Les Baer Sr.

30-06-1It's the most prestigious shooting match in the world. Camp Perry hosts the High power nationals. this is the longest running National Match event. A chance for Camp Perry to throw all her challenges at the shooters.

With winds swirling across lake Erie, there is no refuge for a competitor.You will fight winds from any and sometimes all directions. And it’s not just winds affecting bullet strike. Camp Perry weather can unsettle a competitor’s position on the firing lines.

Then there’s the heat. And under a sweatshirt and shooting coat, 95 degrees and high humidity gets worse with each shot. Just one more element to overcome if you’re going to compete for the NRA high power championship.

The High Power Rifles

SI30-06-10In the beginning, High Power guns are either AR based, or they’re Bolt guns. That’s the current debate, which to start with, but then come the modifications.There are almost no limits, other than that you may not use an optic. shots from 200, 300 and 600 yards will be made with aperture sights, using rifles designed and modified for every advantage to win.


SI30-06-11For years bolt-actionrifles have dominated this competition. But with recent advancements in technology, semi-auto platforms are catching on.  The bolt gun and AR rifles are nearly equal in accuracy with a long match grade barrel, a pair of after market sights, and a modified design reminiscent of a Star Wars movie. But the similarities end there and the debate over which is the best match rifle begins. 



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Pro Tip – Reading the Wind

SI30-06-9The Army's best, and the High Power Champ, helps you shoot through the wind. Sergeant Sherri Gallagher from USAMU shows you how to read the wind.She is also the army soldier of the year for 2010. And now she’s ready to help with your long range shooting.

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Shooting USA Profile – Les Baer Sr. 


Thirty Years ago he built 1911s one at a time. Today Les Baer Custom hand fits the most accurate pistols and rifles for shooters, collectors, and Law Enforcement agencies world-wide. It's time you met the man who has always figured out how to be the very best.




That includes both gun building and racing.  Les is now retired from competition, but he was unbeatable in Pro 5.0 Mustang drag racing.  And along with that interest, there’s his car collection of concours restored Muscle Cars. 



SI30-06-5He says it’s his retirement investment, that’s a lot more fun than investing in the stock market.  And he’s done better what that investment than those of us with 401K accounts.

Les Baer Custom Website



The Les Baer Custom Shooting USA 1911

SI30-06-7In this year celebrating the 100th anniversary of the formal adoption of the 1911 as the service side arm of the US Military. We are truly honored that Les Baer Custom has decided to offer the Shooting USA commemorative as an addition to the line of his custom pistols.

The Shooting USA 1911 has most of the features of the Baer Premier Two 5” model—adjustable rear sight, lowered and flared ejection port, Commander hammer, Baer beavertail grip safety with speed pad, beveled mag well, and left side thumb safety.  Ambidextrous safeties are optional. It is chambered in the classic caliber, 45 ACP, and with the throated barrel and polished feed ramp, it will shoot anything you want to load-up in the two eight round magazines supplied with the pistol. The Baer Custom Shooting USA 1911 is, of course hand fitted by the gunsmiths at the factory.  And that’s part of the package, each gun is shipped with a DVD copy of our Les Baer profile.

Ordered direct from Les Baer Custom, the Shooting USA 1911 is 18-hundred-50 dollars.  Not nearly what you’d expect to pay for a custom fitted gun.

More Info on the Shooting USA 1911


Hunting Tips – Wade Bourne on Practicing out of Season

SI30-06-8We all know that the price of centerfire ammo these days makes it hard to keep your rifle skills up and current, with rounds costing a buck or more. But our resident hunting expert Wade Bourne, has a solution for you, keeping your skills current between seasons, using your rimfire rifle. Wade suggests setting it up like your deer rifle and getting out to the woods for practice.


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