USPSA Handgun Nationals
& The Miculek Family’s Wild Goose Chase


Shooting USA - USPSA Handgun Nationals

We're in the desert North of Las Vegas for run and gun action!  It's exclusive Shooting USA coverage of The USPSA Handgun Nationals, with titles on the line in Revolver, Limited and Production.

Then it's heavy snow in Kansas and the first ever goose hunt for Jerry Miculek and the family. Something completely different for the master of the double-action revolver, who's not all that familiar with a Kansas winter.

And the story of M16 rifle - designed by Eugene Stoner and his team of Armalite engineers, that's now one of History's Guns after more than 50 years of service.

Plus a Reloading Tip from Kent Sakamoto of RCBS,

And the USAMU Pistol Team has a Pro Tip on Handgun Hunting.

USPSA Handgun Nationals:

30-10-5We’re in the desert hills north of the Vegas for run and gun action! The USPSA Handgun Nationals, exclusively on Shooting USA! This is the big one, The USPSA’s National Championships. The best Limited, Production, and Revolver Shooters are in Las Vegas to claim the three titles up for grabs.  The venue is the Desert Sportsman Team Ranges and the courses of fire are specially designed to challenge the best in the world.

30-10-6A big part of the stage design team’s mission is to lay our courses of fire that can be negotiated by Limited shooters with as many as 20 rounds in their magazines, as well as by revolver shooters with only 6 rounds in their moon clips. In between the two are the Production shooters with ten rounds per magazine.

The Limited Division allows highly evolved, high capacity, semi-autos that usually are based on the 1911 design. Limited guns may not use an optic or a compensator to help control recoil. Most often, Limited guns are chambered in .40 S&W.

30-10-2Production Division shooters, with off-the-shelf factory guns, compete with a lower power factor. 9mm is the preferred caliber and magazine capacity is limited to ten rounds.

The Revolver Division allows competition for those who prefer the wheel gun, competing to see who will finish second, behind Jerry Miculek. The choice of Cartridge is the .38 Special.

There are National Championships for each Division and corporate bragging rights for a National Title. That keeps the pressure on the best handgun shooters in the country through 19 challenging stages of fire.


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History’s Guns – The M-16


It started service with the U.S. military, with grumbling and outright controversy.  But now the famous M16 rifle has silenced the critics and, in various forms, has become the favorite of Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilians.






In more than a half century of military service the M16 has earned a place as one of History’s Guns.





The Miculek Family’s Wild Goose Chase


Jerry Miculek travels the world shooting and competing, but during his career Jerry says there is one thing he has always wanted to do, hunt giant Canada Geese. We thought that could be interesting, so Mike Irvine set up a Kansas Goose Hunt for the entire Miculek Family.





And it turned out to be Kansas in the winter, which would be one more thing the Miculek family hadn’t experienced.




Hunting Gear - EXO 2 Electric Heat Wear

30-10-11Electric heated insoles from EXO 2 to keep your feet warm.  They also have heated back wraps, vests, and neck gators.  Jerry and his family spent most of the hunting trip wrapped in EXO electric warmers.  They run off rechargeable batteries that last up to 7 hours, plenty of time for a full hunt.

Website Review by Mike Irvine. 



RCBS Reloading Tip – Maintaining Your Dies

30-10-12If you’re getting into reloading you’re going to have to maintain your dies to be able to produce good ammo.  In fact, you’re going to have to clean your new dies before you ever start loading the first batch of cartridges.  For that there’s the RCBS die maintenance kit and expert hand loader Kent Sakamoto to show you how to use it.


30-10-13The RCBS die maintenance kit comes with a die cleaning chemical, storage chemical, and four nylon brushes and a handle for cleaning different sized dies.  All new dies come with rust preventative coating that has to be removed before use.  RCBS offers a Die maintenance kit for this purpose.  I will show you how to clean your dies and more importantly how to re-assemble your dies. 




For the most part all RCBS dies disassemble the same way.  All dies have the same basic make-up. The first step is clearing the sizing die vent hole.  A paper clip will do the job.




Spray the inside of the die with the cleaner. Scrub with the proper sized brush. Spray again and dry the interior of the die. Wipe down the removed expander ball with a rag. The seating die is basically the same process. Spray, scrub, spray, and dry. Simple, now it’s time to reassemble the dies.




Centering your de-capping rod in the sizing die is the key to reassembly.  It’s a very common mistake to lock it off center causing it to bend or break.  The easiest way to align this is to use your press and a case. 




This cut out die will show the correct process. With the expander de-cap assembly loose Leave the de-capping pin exposed about a quarter of an inch below the sizing die body.  Run the case up. The de-cap pin passes through the flash hole of the case.



30-10-21Screw the de-capping assembly down until it stops, back up one turn. And lock it in place.

This is the proper way to reassemble your dies they are now ready for use.  After you are done, if you are not going to be using your dies for a while use the die storage chemical spray your dies inside and out to protect them from the elements. 

RCBS Website

Pro Tip – USAMU on Handgun Hunting

30-10-18The Army Marksmanship Unit’s International Pistol Team competes with .22 rimfire around the world, but that’s not what Sergeant First Class Rick Merrill chooses when it’s time for hunting. Then he’s ready with his Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum. He has some tips for handgun hunters on how to use it effectively in the woods.

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