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Shooting USA -NRA Adventure Camp - NRA Annual Meeting
First we're going to The Whittington Center with the next generation spending two weeks at Adventure Camp. Meet the kids taking their first shots, learning about firearms, and the responsibilities of being safe shooters. Then we're in the Steel City - Pittsburgh - for the NRA's annual meeting and new products show. Plus, the official Army way to camo-paint your AR, from the Gunsmiths at USAMU. Wade Bourne on setting your trigger pull, that can make the difference in whether you come home with a trophy. And Cowboy Mounted Shooters ride to raise money for the troops.

NRA Adventure Camp at Whittington



It’s summer camp for two weeks for some very lucky youngsters learning American Firearms Traditions and shooting thousands of rounds downrange.




30-11-3The campers,  between ages 13 to 18, come from across the country – a few from across the ocean – to exercise a fundamental American right. The freedom guaranteed by our Second Amendment.  The right to keep and bear arms. The right to enjoy them. And this is certainly a place to do that – a remarkable place called the WhittingtonCenter.



30-11-4Whittington Center is 33,000 acres, 50 square miles, of high desert in northern New Mexico. There are ranges for every NRA shooting sport, and the campers will work their way through most of them, with many trying shooting for the first time.  In two weeks, they’ll shoot more than 50,000 rounds as they experience shooting and our American values.


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Wade Bourne on Trigger Pull

30-11-12Most hunters are going to go into a gun shop and they’re going to buy a rifle right off the rack. And this rifle, chances are, is going to come with six-and-a-half to seven pound  trigger pull. Factories set the trigger pull in this range for liability purposes. It’s pretty stiff. It’s got a lot of resistance.

The first thing that purchaser should do is take that rifle and adjust that trigger downward to about three-and-a-half pounds of trigger pull. This eliminates creep. It eliminates resistance. It’s easier to stay on target. You have a crisper trigger. That’s the term that gun writers like to use. That trigger is crisp and when you touch it, it’s going to go without much chance of pulling off alignment.

30-11-14There are two ways to do this. The first is to purchase a gun that has an adjustable trigger. This is a Mossberg 4x4 30-06. It has an internal adjustable trigger. It’s very easy to make the adjustment. I’m going to show you how to do this. It’s very simple.

Once you have the action out of the stock, take a small flathead screwdriver, go to this screw and turn it counterclockwise to decrease the poundage on the trigger.

Now what if you don’t have a rifle with an adjustable trigger like this Mossberg? Very simple. Take it to a gunsmith.It’s going to cost you 35 to 50 dollars to get a custom trigger job. But I guarantee if you do this it will be the best investment you make in that rifle.

30-11-13Once you have that trigger set where it feels good, here’s one more tip for you to stay on target, and that’s a mental thing. Instead of thinking about pulling the trigger, think pressing the trigger. When you lay your finger on the trigger you want to put the trigger on the fleshy pad of the first joint of your index finger, not all the way into the joint. Put it on the pad and then gently press the trigger backwards like so, and you’ll get that good gentle push that’ll help you stay on target. Imagine there’s is a rod that runs from the trigger in to your shoulder and gently push that rod back into your shoulder. This will ensure that you press that trigger. It’s nice and gentle. It’s not yanking, it won’t pull you off alignment.

Sure, it’s just a mind game, it’s a mental thing. But good shooting is a combination of both mental and physical exercises. If you get the mental part right with the physical, you’re going to be a lot better shooter.

NRA Annual Meeting and Products – Pittsburgh

30-11-5The NRA’s annual meeting moves to a new city each year, this time Pittsburgh was the location and the gathering point for 70,000 members to conduct the organization’s business, elect members to the board, and hear from Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, and a slate of speakers including Newt Gingrich, Lt. Colonel Ollie North, and Mike Huckabee.



30-11-8And the Annual Meeting is the first time each year that members can meet the manufacturers and see the new products for this year. Plus meet the Pro Shooters and pick up an autograph from those of us who are enjoy meeting and hearing from the members of our weekly audience.





Smith and Wesson announced the newest team shooter during the three-day event. Former Blackhawk pilot Trevor Baucom. You’ll hear more on him later, as the first wheel chair competition shooter.






Ultimately the NRA show is about new products. This is the chance for consumers to see newest guns and gear for the year.




Here’s some of the New Products appearing at the show, along with product links:


RCBS Reloading Tip – Kent Sakamoto - the Powder Check Die

30-11-15The RCBS powder check die is a safety check for monitoring powder charges on pistol and rifle cartridges.The powder-check die is a very simple tool. It has a changeable foot that rests on the powder stack and a white tip to show you how high it is, and a referencing O-ring on this other rod. 



30-11-17Install the die assembly in the station immediately after the powder measure. The bottom of the die body should be a quarter of an inch from the shell plate. It will be slightly higher when reloading rifle cases. Dispense the correct amount of powder into a case and rotate the plate to the powder check. Run the shell plate up, The inside rod will elevate up along the reference guide rod.




Set the O ring on the other side to match the height of the internal rod. The O-ring marks the spot every case should hit.







The powder check die is a visual check, if the top of the guide rod matches the O-ring the charge is correct.  If it’s above or below there is something wrong with the charge, but as you can see it’s correct here so we will continue on.   

RCBS Website


Cowboy Mounted Shooters Ride to Benefit The Troops

30-11-11It is a long tradition in the shooting sports. Competitors standing with the men and women who risk their lives to protect us and our freedom. And that’s what has motivated the Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association to ride for the troops, as a benefit for the families of our returning warriors.

Annie Bianco is a former World Champion and spokesperson for the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association. She organized the benefit ride and competition with the proceeds going to the Not Alone counseling and support charity, working to support families and returning military members still stressed from combat. 

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Pro Tip – Camo Paint Your Rifle


Army Marksmanship Unit Gunsmith, SGT Grant Kennedy demonstrates the Army way of painting your AR or Bolt Rifle to blend into the environment.  







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