Fort Benning 3-Gun
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Shooting USA - Fort Benning 3-Gun


It's the only multi-gun match held on an active Army base and this time the USAMU Action Shooting Team has outdone all prior match challenges for the competitors. It's virtually combat training, as stage challenges, for civilians with pistol, rifle and shotgun. 



30-12-2Multi-gun competition is a test of the competitors’ skill with rifle, pistol and shotgun. One gun, or a combination of all three may be needed to complete a course of fire. This is the format that is growing in popularity on an annual basis and is seen on ranges across the country. But among all of the big multi-gun matches there is only one hosted by the US Army and held on an active US Army installation, the Fort Benning Three Gun Challenge. It is a multi-gun match without equal. It is the only opportunity for civilians to run and gun on an Army base and experience some of the assets that make the US Army the greatest fighting force in the world.



During the course of the match competitors will fire training grenades, shoot full auto weapons, and ride into “battle” in the Army’s 8 wheel Stryker vehicle. 




30-12-4The benefit for the US Army and for the Army Marksmanship Unit is to see the performance of the latest civilian-developed firearms enhancements that will be used to claim the division championships. As the leading unit developing cutting edge small arms, the USAMU considers the concept of Competition to Combat to be the best test of new ideas and new tactics.



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John Puts the Bergara barreled DPMS AR on a Diet


It’s already a tack driver, but now it’s time to reduce the weight for faster times in competition.  See the first part of the project.





        Firebird Gas Block – Weight Savings 4.3 ounces
        Firebird Forend – Weight Savings 13.1 ounces
        JP Stock -  Weight Savings 2.0 ounces

History’s Guns – The Henry Rifle

30-12-5It is among the most famous rifles of the Civil War, even though fewer than 14-thousand of the Union’s million-plus soldiers carried one in battle… and the Army never actually bought any. Still, the Henry Repeating Rifle has achieved legendary status, as one of the first repeating rifles in combat.  The Henry Rifle is clearly one of History’s Guns.


RCBS Reloading Tips – The Hand Priming Tool

30-12-10Think of the primer as the foundation to your successful hand load, and Kent Sakamoto has a re-loading tip on how to set up and use the universal hand priming tool for all your loads. The universal hand-priming tool comes out of the box ready to use for large primers such as rifle or magnum pistol cases. The case holder can hold calibers ranging from 32 ACP to 45-70.


Kent: That’s the biggest advantage of this tool; because of the wide variety of calibers it will accommodate, you don’t have to buy special or extra shell holders.    



To begin using the hand priming tool, fill the RCBS tray with primers. Shake them to flip each primer onto the correct side. Install the cover and attach the tray to the tool. Insert a case, squeeze the handle to seat the primer.





Kent: I like to rotate the case as I seat the primer to make sure it’s flush and evenly seated. Now for small primers we’ll change the tool over for that.  




30-12-14To switch from large primers to small takes several steps and requires all the provided tools in the box. Remove the safety gate pin and safety gate. Open the handle enough to remove the primer feed.

Kent: Keep pressure on the handle to keep the tool from coming apart until you can tighten the set-screw.



Using the primer plug tool, remove the large seat plug and replace with the small seat plug. Loosen the set screw again.
Kent: Under normal operations the seat plug is free to move; that’s why we tighten set screw to be able to remove the threaded seat plug.  



30-12-16Open the handle to lower the plug below the bottom shelf of the primer seat pocket. And insert the small white primer feed adaptor. Close the handle to check the primer seat plug, re-install the safety gate and pin. Re-attach the primer feed tray, and you and ready to hand prime small primers. The Universal Hand priming tool… one of a number of RCBS solutions to priming, but Kent points out seating each primer by hand can give you a more precise… and more accurate load.

The XM-2010 The Army Snipers' New Upgraded Rifle


The long action M-24 is getting a new barrel, new chassis with feeding from magazines, suppressor, and a new cartridge for longer reach – The .300 Winchester Magnum

Remington Defense Website



Pro Tip – Julie Golob on IDPA  Target Rules

30-12-9Julie is helping you get started in IDPA Competition, by demonstrating Tactical Target Rules – Tactical Priority and Tactical Sequence.  IDPA does tell you how you must shoot the targets on a stage.  It helps to know what the Safety Officer means when he give the instructions.  And it helps even more to know the fast way to shoot those targets.




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