The 20th Anniversary of the IRC
& The Industry Masters

Shooting USA - The 20th Anniversary of the IRC

30-17-5We’re covering the International Revolver Championship from Moro Bay, California, with Jerry Miculek looking for win number 19. And with Mike Irvine reporting on how the top revolver shooters can reload so fast.

The IRC is the match celebrating 100-year-old Smith and Wesson technology and it is turning 20. In this modern era, with handgun matches being dominated by polymer production guns, and double stack 1911’s, the wheel-gun remains an icon to the thousands of ICORE members. That’s International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts and the name couldn’t be more appropriate.  Revolver fans are enthusiasts for the challenge of running a stage of fire, racing the clock, and scoring top target points.

30-17-4As always, the man to try to beat is Jerry Miculek, who has never been defeated in revolver competition. But, as Jerry goes for his 19th title, the youngsters are applying more pressure than ever before. 

ICORE Competition is easy to understand.  Your score is your time from buzzer to the last shot on a stage, with penalty seconds added for missing a target, or for shots outside the center rings on the NRA D-1 tombstone cardboard targets. 

30-17-3It’s high action with titles for different gun types.  Jerry shoots in the open division that allows red-dot optics, eight round cylinders, and moon-clip reloads.

Additional Titles are awarded in the iron sight division, women’s division, juniors, and the classic revolver division.



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The Industry Masters

30-17-1This year the location is the Rock Castle Shooting Center in Kentucky.  The Industry Masters is an annual competition that brings together the managers and bosses who run the companies manufacturing your favorite firearms and ammunition. It’s a charity match that’s   all for fun – and for a very good cause.



30-17-2It’s also a networking weekend for the top executives in the firearms industry, with new product ideas likely to come out of the discussions.  And it is a friendly competition that does keep score to find the top teams, but nobody knows who’s winning until it’s over.  And that can be a bit unsettling for the Pro Shooters who are representing the sponsor companies.


RCBS Reloading Tip – Swaging Staked Brass

30-17-7Every round of 223 brass you buy from Federal Ammunition is staked. This means the primer pocket is designed to hold the primer in, to prevent it from falling out during the pressures of firing.  It works great once, but if you’re a re-loader you have to remove the primer staking if you want to insert a new primer. 

Kent Sakamoto shows you the different ways to remove, or re-shape, the primer staking. There are many different types of primer staking. Here is a circular, on the left, and a three prong on the right. For this initial demonstration Kent will be begin with the RCBS primer pocket swager tool.


Kent: The primer pocket swager tool is designed to be used on your single stage press. It will do both large and small primer pockets. This is the small head, the large head, the case stripper, this is the large rod, We’ve installed the small rod in the die body. We’re going to be doing 223.




The first step is to install the small swager head into the shell holder slot of the press, place the case stripper over the swager head, and raise the ram. Now install the swager body into the press and start threading it down.




30-17-10Kent: Now you going to guide a case onto the swager rod and onto the swager head, you’re going to run the case up into the die. You need to adjust the die out so you get a full stroke of the handle with some resistance. Once you achieve this, lock the die, as you come out the stripper head will hit the press so you can remove the case. Now check to see if it will accept the new primer.


30-17-12Use the RCBS hand priming tool to insert a primer. If it doesn’t fit, use another case and adjust the swager body down to increase resistance, opening the primer pocket larger. When properly adjusted the primer will go right in.




30-17-16Kent: Swaging is one way of removing the primer staking. You can also cut it. There are large cutters. I’ve installed the small one on the accessory handle. Simply place it in the bottom of the case and cut the staking away.  Your going to go down to the stop, or if you have a trim mate press center. You simply move the cutter over there, turn the unit on and let the power do the work for you.


So two options, cut out the staking or reshape it by sweging.  Either way. it is a one-time operation for the life of your brass, but must be done before you attempt to reload a new primer. Check the primer pocket of all your rifle brass, you will be surprised just how many calibers are staked.


Pro Tip – Sighting Your Pistol


Julie Golob has another Pro Tip on competition shooting, this time on sighting in your pistol before you go out to compete

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