USPSA Handgun Nationals 2011

We’re in Las Vegas for the fastest run-and-gun action. It’s the USPSA Handgun Nationals with championship titles in the Production and Limited Divisions.

Plus HAVA in San Antonio. Honored American Veterans Afield and the firearms industry are welcoming wounded warriors back to the shooting sports.

And the story of the Spencer, the repeating rifle that broke the back of the Confederacy.

USPSA Handgun Nationals

31-06-1We’re taking you to the desert north of Las Vegas for run and gun action! The USPSA Handgun Nationals brings the best Limited and Production Division shooters out to contest  the national titles to be awarded. The venue is the Desert Sportsman Team Ranges and the courses of fire are designed to challenge the best in the world.

The Limited Division allows highly evolved, high capacity, semi-autos that are usually based on the 1911 design. Limited guns may not use an optic or a compensator to help control recoil. Most often, Limited guns are chambered in .40 S&W.

31-06-2Production Division shooters, with off-the-shelf factory guns, compete with a lower power factor. 9mm is the preferred caliber and magazine capacity is limited to ten rounds. It’s the Production Division Pro Shooters who are the closest to the NASCAR tradition – “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” The pressure is on to score a national title for the manufacturer in the biggest event of the USPSA competition year.

31-06-4John Scoutten and Mike Irvine call the stage-by-stage action, and give you their analysis of who got their game right to lead to the national titles.

Plus, Mike Irvine explains the complicated USPSA scoring system and the difference between target points and the computer ranking of all shooters that produces Match Points for all shooters in the match. It’s not just how well you shoot and how fast, it’s factoring how well everybody shoots on each stage of fire. Only the computer knows who’s winning until the final scores are posted.

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HAVA Family Range Day

31-06-5HAVA is Honored American Veterans Afield.  It’s a firearms industry effort to get wounded warriors back to shooting and hunting, with major sponsors Crimson Trace, Mossberg, and Smith & Wesson, among many.  Range day has become an annual event in San Antonio, near the largest complex of military hospitals. It is a day of appreciation, a small token for a huge sacrifice. HAVA is helping Wounded Warriors and their families spend time together enjoying the shooting sports.

HAVA Founder Tom Taylor says, “We’re not going to change these people’s lives in one day in most cases, but if we can contribute a little bit to a rehab. process, that’s what we’re here for.”                                                                                                                   

31-06-6HAVA’s family day takes place at the National Shooting Complex.  It’s a day for veterans and active duty military, as well as at their family members, to be around like-minded people and bond. The cornerstone event features an exhibition from two members on the US Shooting Team. 

Then the veterans and family members take to the firing lines to try all kinds of sport shooting from clay shooting,  to steel challenge shooting, to cowboy action shooting.

It’s an invitation to handicapped and recovering service members to come and participate in the shooting sports.

More information at the HAVA website   


You can help HAVA take wounded warriors hunting and shooting. Make a contribution through the Shooting USA Store.

100% of your contribution will go to HAVA. Your charitable contribution is tax deductible. HAVA is a 501c3 Non Profit Charity.

Note: Your credit card contribution will post from the Shooting USA Store. You will receive a receipt for your contribution via email.

History’s Guns – The Spencer

31-06-10It was the gun that broke the back of the Confederacy.  War always brings innovation and The Spencer Repeating Rifle,  represented an enormous advance in battlefield firepower. Enough to turn the war in the Union’s favor, making the Spencer one of History’s Guns.



Pro Tip - Julie Golob on Engaging USPSA Targets

31-06-12Julie shows you the mistake many shooters make, getting locked into a single cadence in shooting both easy and difficult targets. Timing your shots to match the difficulty of each target can make a huge difference in both accuracy and speed.

See the Pro Tip


Hunting Tip – Wade Bourne on Handgun Hunting

31-06-7Handgun Hunting continues to grow in popularity.  Some States have separate whitetail seasons specifically for handguns.  But firing the Smith and Wesson 460 Magnum is a lot different than shooting a rifle. So we’ve got Wade Bourne to provide some tips on successful hunting with a handgun. 

Website Information on the S&W .460 Magnum



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