The 30th Anniversary of End of Trail

31-07-1For thirty years Cowboy Action Shooters have been grabbing their six-guns and heading to End of Trail. The shooting match that is double-billed as the World Championship of Cowboy Action shooting and a Wild West Jubilee. Competitors dress to play the role of their cowboy alias. The Single Action Shooting Society created Cowboy Action Shooting and considers End of Trail the granddaddy event of them all. But it gets even bigger when it’s the thirtieth anniversary celebration.


31-07-2For 30 years SASS members have gathered in the West to shed the trappings of modern life in exchange for six-guns and a ten-gallon hat. They come to compete with like-minded people. To relive a less complicated time from our past, or the Hollywood version of the Old West.

In 30 years the draw of the American Old West has expanded SASS clubs and competitors around the world. Cowboys and cowgirls come to End of Trail from many countries, speaking many languages, to enjoy the celebration that has truly become The World Championships of the Single Action Shooting Society.

31-07-3Founders Ranch, outside Albuquerque, is home to SASS in New Mexico’s high desert. It’s a place that happily celebrates our cowboy lore and legend, and a great spot to change yourself into someone else for a week. Maybe someone like Roy or Dale.

Cowboy Action Shooting is a four-gun match, two six guns, rifle and shotgun. But there’s an exception to that for the Wild Bunch Match. When, thanks to Hollywood, John Browning’s guns take over, the 1911 and the Model 97 Pump Gun.


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Rob Leatham on USPSA Stage Strategy

31-07-10Few of us realize how much strategy goes into winning a major stage of fire in USPSA competition, but John has new insight on how the best work out their plan. John wired-up Rob Leatham at the Production Nationals to record his comments and thoughts as he studied and worked his shooting strategy on a major stage, to score maximum points and win the stage.


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Hunting Tip – Wade Bourne on Stalking

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