Special Edition - Trevor’s Story



Shooting USA -Special Edition - Trevor’s Story

31-10-3A Shooting USA Profile of the former Blackhawk Pilot, paralyzed by a crash in Afghanistan, who is now opening the shooting sports to the handicapped and wounded warriors. Trevor Baucom is the first sponsored pro shooter in a wheelchair, and is the reason major shooting organizations are putting out the welcome mat and working to make their matches handicapped capable.





Trevor Baucom (Pronounced BAH-cum) is the Chief Warrant Officer,  now Medically Retired, Blackhawk Pilot in Command and Flight Lead formerly with the 5th Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 




He’s now sponsored by Smith & Wesson, Atlanta Arms and Ammo, Ithaca Gun Company, Safariland, Nevco Targets, and Outdoor Channel in his effort to compete in a variety of shooting disciplines on an even basis with able bodied competitors. 




31-10-8Trevor has competed in NRA Action Pistol and the Bianchi Cup, the USPSA operated Steel Challenge, and International Defensive Pistol Association competition at the IDPA Indoor Nationals. More Shooting Sports are on his schedule in the months ahead, including Trap and Sporting Clays, NRA Bullseye Competition, as well as expanding understanding and promotion of concealed carry for wheelchair bound wounded warriors and the handicapped.


31-10-5Trevor and his sponsors are supporting  HAVA, Honored American Veterans Afield, the firearms industry charity effort to help wounded warriors reconnect with shooting sports and hunting as a part of their rehabilitation. 

A special DVD edition of Trevor’s Story is available in the Shooting USA Store.  The DVD presents Trevor’s Story without commercial interruption.  A portion of the proceeds from each DVD will go to support HAVA.



Safariland has developed competition approved wheelchair holster and mag pouch mounts available through their website. 

As a result of Trevor Baucom’s efforts, we expect to see many more wheelchair competitors in our match coverage in the future as the Shooting Sports work to make their matches accessible.

Available in July at


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Hunting Tip – Wade Bourne on Staying in Your Tree

31-10-11I think one of the main mistakes that deer hunters make is not staying on the stand in the middle of the day. Hunters are prone to pattern themselves.  They’ll hunt early in the morning, they’ll come off the stand, they’ll come back late in the afternoon. Well guess what?  A lot of big bucks move right in the middle of the day especially during the rut. They move all day long. If you’re not on stand that deer could come done that trail and you’re not going to be there and you’re not going to get him obviously.

31-10-12It’s tough to hunt all day, but if you can force yourself to get there early, and stay late you’re going to get some big surprises in the middle of the day. Now some things to consider, if you want to stay in your stand all day long, is number one... you’ve got to have confidence in your spot. If you don’t believe you could see a big deer walk through sometime during the day you’re not going to stay there.

Number two, you have to be comfortable.  I carry a good cushion for my backside. I carry extra clothes.  I carry a scarf, if the back of my neck gets cold, that is really comfortable. I carry gloves. If I need something to eat, I carry snack foods with me. I keep water in my backpack. I keep some things to keep myself occupied if I start getting bored. For instance, a book or an iPhone I could play games on. Anything to keep my mind occupied... to keep me on stand.

31-10-13And the final thing you need to remember is always keep your safety harness attached to the tree. I don’t care how alert you try to be, sometime during that day you are probably going to take a little nap, and if you should fall and you’re not attached, you’re in real trouble. So keep that safety harness attached and stay in that tree all day long and, when that big buck walks by in the middle of the day, I guarantee you are going to be a happy hunter. 


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