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Shooting USA - Army Strong Shooting Championships & The Bushnell Brawl
The Army Marksmanship Unit Hosts more Collegiate shooting championships than ever before, including NRA Collegiate Nationals, SCTP Shotgun Competition and Steel Challenge Shooting. And then the Army shows off some really big shooting of their own firepower. Plus Rifles Only in Texas and a challenging precision rifle match, named the Bushnell Brawl. And Julie Golob has a Pro Tip encouraging you to practice with your pocket carry gun.

Army Strong Shooting Championships

31-11-1It’s called the Home of Champions. Home of the best marksmen, instructors, and gunsmiths in the world.  And the largest state-of-the-art range facilities in the country. The United States Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning has long been the host ranges for NRA Collegiate Shooting Championships, but never before so many Shooting Disciplines at the same time. 

The Army Strong Shooting Championships features hundreds of colleges, universities and junior shooters from all across the country. The NRA is conducting the annual Pistol and Rifle Championships, but it’s not just the NRA.

The Scholastic Clay Target Program and Scholastic Steel Challenge are also a part of the week of competition at Fort Benning. 

31-11-2The National Rifle Association is responsible for two Championships. The base’s Olympic-style complex is an ideal venue for the shooters to complete.  The Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships consist of Air Rifle and Small-bore Rifle matches. For the first time, the NRA is holding the Intercollegiate Pistol and Rifle Club Championships at the same time.

The Intercollegiate Pistol Championships are Sport Pistol, Free Pistol, Air Pistol and Standard pistol. Most of the shooters use paper targets on their home ranges. With USAMU as the host, the electronic Olympic scoring system elevates the championships.

31-11-3Not only are the competitors at Fort Benning shooting on some of the finest ranges in the world, but they’re also learning about the Army. And in the case of what could be recruiting for the future for the Army Marksmanship Unit, it’s always persuasive to see the tools the army brings to the battlefield.  It’s a demonstration the air gun and rim-fire  shooters won’t soon forget.

Lt. Colonel Daniel Hodne confirms this event has USAMU scouting for future members who could be part a future US Olympic Team: “When any competitor comes to the US Army Marksmanship Unit, whether it’s a soldier participating in the US Army Small Arms Championships or it’s a Collegiate Athlete coming to the Army Strong Collegiate Shooting Championships, I guarantee you we’re looking at future talent that we can bring to this organization.”


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The Bushnell Brawl at Rifles Only in Texas

31-11-5The location is outside Kingville, Texas on the extensive range facility operated by Rifles Only Training. 

Jacob Bynum is the owner and chief instructor:  “Rifles only, in spite of its name, we do hand gun training, we do carbine training, and we are set up for that. Additionally the long range capabilities are quite extensive.  We have what we call our flat deck, it goes to 700 yards. We just call that our short range. As for the tower, we go to 1000 yards off of the tower,  That is where we have our KD, known distance range also on there, there are multiple UKD ranges. Additionally we have another range where we can go to 1500 which is pretty good for being here in south Texas, 1500 is a long way at sea level.

31-11-8The Bushnell Brawl is a series of timed, long range, and short range, rifle events with challenges to test the skill and endurance of all contestants. Some of the challenges come from military and police sniping, like the stage requiring shooting from a helicopter.  Some challenges are a pure test of rifle marksmanship skill.


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31-11-12The Midland XTC Cameras are much smaller than some other do-it-yourself video cameras on the market. So these are the ones that we strap on to rifles and pistols, And we mount them on headbands, to give you the shooter’s eye view. These were the cameras recording the helicopter shooting you saw in the Bushnell Brawl coverage. The XTC Camera records to a tiny Micro SD card and then transfers directly to your windows or mac computer for editing. There are two kits available at major retailers. One in Camo for hunting applications, one version in black with mounts intended for action sports and shooting.

31-11-9Each kit, with recharger, and a variety of mounts retails for under $250.

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Pro Tip – Julie Golob on Shooting Your Carry Gun

31-11-13Julie points out your compact carry gun handles and shoots much differently than your full size pistols.  She points out you need to practice with your carry gun and gives you some tips on how to practice at the range.

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