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Shooting USA - International Revolver Championship 2012
We’re at the Hogue Action Shooting Range in Morro Bay for the fastest wheel gunners in the world. It’s the IRC from California. And this one is a major mile-stone for Jerry Miculek. Then a look at the M & P Shield in .40 caliber, that could be your big power carry gun. Plus, the story of saving and restoring a classic Boardwalk Shooting Gallery. And Todd Jarrett has a Pro Tip on your footwork for combat and for competition.


31-13-2There really is just something about the revolver.  They’re reliable, they’re accurate, and they feel good in the hand. And in a world that’s largely adopted the high capacity auto pistol, there is a match designed just for fans of the wheel-gun, the International Revolver Championship. For over 20 years the organizing body has been ICORE, the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts. And in that same period, the biggest gathering of the year for revolver fans has been the IRC, the International Revolver Championship, held annually in picturesque Morro Bay, California, at the Hogue Action Pistol Ranges.

The scenic location, on the California coast, is part of the draw, and a record attendance is the result with 242 registered shooters this year.

31-13-3ICORE competition is shot on both steel and paper targets. Your score is your time in seconds and you must shoot the tombstone shaped targets accurately to protect your time, because shots outside the A zone, 8 inch circle, add penalty seconds. And like in Golf, the lower score, faster time, wins.

The International Revolver Championship is truly International, drawing competitors from Europe and as far away as Australia.

And this year we’re expecting a milestone for the world’s most accomplished revolver shooter, Jerry Miculek. With a win in 2012, Jerry will complete a 20 year domination of the championship. 

31-13-4Jerry tells us he’s aware he may set an all-time record in the shooting sports: “ I don’t think it has ever been done, in any shooting discipline to have a 20 year stretch, and that also shows your age.”

Jerry is shooting in the Open Division that allows red-dot optics, compensators, 8 shot revolvers, and the use of moon clips for fast reloads.

Limited Division Shooters use open sights, 8 shot revolvers, and moon clips for reloads.

The Classic Division is for guns with traditional 6 shot cylinders, iron sights, and reloads are by speed-loader.


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History’s Guns – The Shooting Gallery

31-13-10Years ago they were a part of most every carnival, circus side-show, and amusement park.  The shooting gallery, with moving targets to draw your aim with a gallery gun loaded with .22 shorts.  Today, there are only about six Shooting Galleries still left in this country, all are being preserved by collectors, including the one restored and reconditioned to entertain Cowboy Action Shooters at Founders’ Ranch in New Mexico.


M&P Manufacturing and the new M&P Shield in .40 Caliber


We’re taking you inside the Smith & Wesson Factory to see the development and assembly of the expanding line of M&P handguns.

Then Julie Golob test fires the most recent edition to be released, the M&P Shield in .40 caliber.



31-13-6It’s big power in a concealable and controllable package.  7 plus 1 rounds with the extended magazine, 6 plus 1 with the flush fit magazine. Suggested Retail is under $450, if you find one available. The Shield in 9mm and .40 Auto is still in high demand across the country.


More info from S&W Website.


Gemini  Shooting USA Team Shirts and Apparel



G2 Gemini is ready with a line of Shooting USA Competition Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and even a Hoodie for cold days on the firing line.  Prices range from $29 to $69 depending on your choice and size.  And you can add your name to the Competition Shirt as a part of your custom order.  All the new Shooting USA clothing is available at the Gemini Custom Website Link. 


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The Claw Sling from Quake Industries  

31-13-11When the samples came in, we discovered most everybody in our organization already owned at least one.  The rubberized shoulder pad simply hangs on, no matter what you’re wearing—even nylon jackets.  And we’ve proven to ourselves over the years, the Claw doesn’t wear out.  Suggested Retail  is under $29 depending on your choice of colors or camo. 

Find The Claw Sling at Midway USA, Cabela’s, and most other large Outfitter Stores.

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Pro Tip – Todd Jarrett on Footwork


Getting your footwork right when you turn to the target is a key element of success in both competition and in combat.  Todd shows you how to be sure, stable, and quick to set up to shoot.

View Pro Tip





Colors for the Range

All choices have some internal structure to maintain the shape and are adjustable.  

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