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Shooting USA - End of Trail 2012
31-17-1Cowboy Action Shooting is the idea that turned into a world-wide success, celebrating history with the guns of the old west. 30 years later, we’re at End of Trail, the world championship. It’s part Hollywood and part Real History relived for a week in New Mexico. Plus, the Industry Masters at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Kentucky. And the one war gun, the Scandinavian designed Krag Jorgensen, that’s now one of History’s Guns.


End of Trail – Cowboy Action Shooting World Championship

31-17-3Originally, it was a “what if” question by a small group of IPSC shooters in Southern California.  What if we tried shooting action pistol stages with old west guns… And what if we dressed the part of Cowboy heroes from the movies and television. Well that was 30 years ago, and the beginning of what has become a world-wide phenomenon, organized by the Single Action Shooting Society. There are now more than 50 thousand active cowboy action shooters celebrating the old west lifestyle, and competing with two six guns, lever action rifle, and shotgun. It’s the shooting sport that makes everybody welcome in a mix of competition and history.  And every year event is the World Championship at End of Trail outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

31-17-2It’s the world championship of cowboy action shooting, a time for showcasing the best of the best in more than 30 different categories. End of Trail has a game for everyone.

In 30 years the draw of the American Old West has expanded SASS clubs and competitors around the world. Cowboys and cowgirls come to End of Trail from many countries, speaking many languages, to enjoy the celebration that has truly become The World Championships of the Single Action Shooting Society.

Founders Ranch, outside Albuquerque, is home to SASS in New Mexico’s high desert. It’s a place that happily celebrates our cowboy lore and legend, and a great spot to change yourself into someone else for a week.

Much of the history being relived is the Western Myth of Movies and Television, but there is also real history to be honored, like the Buffalo Soldiers who helped settle the Wild West after the Civil War.

Cowboy Action Shooting Competition is a four-gun match—two six guns, rifle and shotgun.


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History’s Guns - The Krag Jorgensen

31-17-8In the last years of 19th century firearms technology was rapidly advancing. Smokeless powder was replacing black powder, and the magazine fed bolt action rifle was the new standard of firepower on the battlefield. The US Solution at the time was adopting a Scandinavian design. The Krag Jorgensen is now one of History’s Guns.



The Industry Masters 2012

31-17-5FMG Publications had the idea… that’s American Handgunner, Guns, American Cop, and more. Ten years ago FMG created an annual event to bring the firearms industry together for a weekend of shooting, networking, and socializing.  It’s one of the few times each year the people who make the guns, actually get a chance to shoot the guns at the Rockcastle Shooting Center Resort outside Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

FMG Publications continues to make it bigger and better. Ten years ago, the Shooting Industry Masters began with 12 teams in competition.  Today it’s grown to 80 teams and 320 shooters. 

31-17-6And the proceeds from the Industry Masters helps fund the First Shots program promoted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  First Shots gets first time shooters schooled in safety and technique to get them started right.  And it turns out a number of people working in the firearms industry needed a First Shots class to get on the range at the Industry Masters.



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Pro Tip –Julie Golob on Teaching a New Shooter

31-17-10You know our slogan for a number of years has been “Share your Sport”, which means, invite somebody out to the range to try shooting. But if you do that, you need to know how to start out a new shooter safely, but also so they enjoy their first experience.  Smith & Wesson team captain, Julie Golob has some suggestions on how to teach and how to be sure it’s fun.




The Mossberg 930 “Jerry Gun”

The Mossberg 930 JM Tactical has a 3 inch chamber, fiber optic front bead, and ships with a full set of chokes. Suggested Retail is $710, but we are seeing it offered for $600 at most retailers.  It’s the signature gun of Three Gun Champ, Jerry Miculek.

More Information from Mossberg


Byron Inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame


Byron Ferguson  is now officially a Legend. Byron has been formally inducted into the Outdoor Legends Hall of Fame in 20 years of appearing in our gun series of television shows, while promoting tradition archery and bow hunting world-wide.

Byron’s Website

Legends of the Outdoors - Byron’s Biography and Award








Colors for the Range

All choices have some internal structure to maintain the shape and are adjustable.  

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