The Grand American $100,000 Challenge 2012



The Grand American $100,000 Challenge 2012
Ten Handicap Trap shooters from the Grand American shoot off for a winner-take-all prize of $100,000. Plus, for the first time, there’s $50,000 just for the ladies. It’s big money and big pressure to win a year’s pay in one afternoon.

ATA is the Amateur Trap Association and the largest of the sanctioning bodies for shotgun sports. The biggest event in ATA competition is the Grand American, nearly two weeks of clay bird shooting at the nation’s largest shooting range in Sparta, Illinois.

31-18-4The old saying – less is more – has no place at this shooting match. At this competition more is more! More than a century of shooting tradition. More than three-thousand clay target shooters from all 50 states and around the world. More than ten days of competition, with more than a half-million dollars in prize money. It’s no wonder they call the World Trapshooting Championships the Grand American.

Bill and Lee Ann Martin are responsible for the Grand American $100,000 Challenge, which first began in 2010. Bill says they put up the winner-take-all prize to give something back to the sport they love, and for the excitement the prize creates.

31-18-2To be one of the ten competitors requires winning one of the 8 Handicap championships held during the Grand American. The ninth competitor is the one with the highest total handicap scores combined from all 8 events. The tenth competitor is a random draw of all the handicap competitors who participated in at least four of the events during the Grand.

Plus there’s $50,000 this year for the Ladies only Grand American Shoot Off.

31-18-3The challenge in both of these big money matches is Handicap Trap. American Trap is shot on a field with five posts or stations arranged in an arc. Shooters stand 16 yards from the trap house with the trap machine that throws clay targets away from the shooters.

In Handicap Trap, the field is the same, but the rules are different. Shooters compete at a distance from the trap house of 18 out to 27 yards. The better you get the farther back you move, in theory, putting shooters of different abilities on an equal playing field.

In combined handicap competition, shooters take the field together, within two yards of each other for safety.


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The 300 AAC Blackout

31-18-7It got its start as a cartridge developed for combat, but like a lot of technology that originates with the military, the .300 Blackout is now an available choice for all of us. Smith & Wesson offers the chambering in their M&P 15 rifles.

So, when Advanced Armament Corporation invited us to test their new round, John was ready. He headed to the Clark County Shooting complex near Las Vegas, to see how the 300 Blackout performs.

31-18-9Advanced Armament Corporation has developed both the cartridge, in both supersonic and sub-sonic loads, and the suppressors to work with the cartridge. The performance proved to be impressive.

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Atlanta Arms and Ammo

31-18-5Atlanta Arms and Ammo has developed the most accurate loads for any gun you might choose for competition. Shooting a Glock in Production… they have perfected the load.

Shooting an M&P 40 in Limited… they have the load.

Atlanta Arms supplies all the ammo for the Army Marksmanship Unit Action Shooting Team. Watch the matches and you’ll see their black boxes at the loading tables. Check the top shooters at the Steel Challenge, like K C Eusebio.  He’s got Atlanta Arms Ammo. And the top pros are buying the ammo from Atlanta Arms. That’s how good it is, how accurate.

31-18-6Here’s the deal on affordable practice rounds and match ammo. Atlanta Arms and Ammo sells black box match ammo, with all new components. But the Blue Boxes are loaded in once fired brass, to keep the cost of practice down.  But the blue box loads are exactly the same as your selection of match ammo… same bullet weight… same load..  So more affordable practice rounds exactly match your match ammo.

Atlanta Arms and Ammo distributes through selected dealers, but will ship direct to customers who aren’t in the area of a dealer. You’ll have to make personal contact, by phone, to set up your approved account.  Then you can order by e-mail or fax.

Atlanta Arms and Ammo Website for cartridge selection 

Phone (770) 464-2203 





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