Rockcastle Pro Am



Rockcastle Pro Am
This time it’s the largest Multi-gun Match in the country, and that’s because it’s two matches in one, something for every skill level in Kentucky, at the Rockcastle Pro Am. Plus HAVA invites wounded warriors for the first East Coast Range Day at the Academi training ranges in North Carolina.

The sport of Multi-gun is growing in popularity, but still faces some key hurdles, first it’s equipment heavy and that means expensive. And a match that will challenge a top shooter may be too difficult for a shooter with little experience. Well that’s where the Pro Am format comes into play, basically two matches in one — The Pro match for the top guys and the Amateur match for the less experienced.

32-01-02The Rockcastle Pro Am is in its second year and the match is bigger, it terms of attendance, than any other match in the country.  The first ingredient to the success is the facility

Nick Noble Runs Rockcastle that has the capacity for this large a match:  “To bring 530 shooters, over 900 people here on property, vendors, we have over 72 sponsors of his match, the only way to do that is have about 2000 acres to play around on. Rockcastle shooting center, we’ve got that here and the hotel and the restaurants with all of the amazing ranges it really sets it all up.  It’s about the only way you can do it.”

32-01-03Plus there’s an emphasis on learning at this match to help the first time shooters master some of the skills that will make their experience more enjoyable on the ranges. Some of the top Professionals have tips and instruction in free clinics on the first day of the match.

The combination of Rockcastle’s facilities and the promotion of the match by the major firearms web forum has made this annual event the best of the year in Multi-Gun completion.


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History’s Guns – Arisaka Type 99

32-01-08At the start of the Second World War, Japan had created one of the most technologically advanced armies the world had ever seen.  A key part of that war machine was this rifle that American soldiers and Marines faced on the battle fields in the Pacific.  It’s the Arisaka Type 99, now one of History’s Guns.



HAVA Family Day at ACADEMI

32-01-05Honored American Veterans Afield is the all-volunteer organization supported by the firearms industry.  HAVA helps wounded vets by getting them out hunting and shooting again in spite of their injuries. This year, for the first time, HAVA went East to invite veterans and their families for a day of shooting at the ACADEMI ranges in Moyock, North Carolina.


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Pro Tip – Bullseye Tips from USAMU

32-01-16The competition is Bulls-eye—pistol competition with rim-fire, center-fire and a 45 ACP.  Shooting is strong hand only and strings of fire are timed.  Well we’ve got members of the USAMU Bulls Eye team with tips on the best way to shoot the different timed events.

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Hunting Tip – Mike and Wade Bourne on Concealment in the Duck Blind

32-01-10Wade Says:  I think the one big mistake hunters make is being too exposed. You know years of television I’ve seen this over and over with a camera crew. I always recommend a facemask. This is one thing any hunter can do wherever they hunt.  Timber, open field wear a facemask and keep that sun off your face. Because the face shines, skin exposed to the sun shines like a mirror and ducks can pick it up.  We have incorporated some features into our blind though that we don’t wear facemasks much because of the way we’re setup. 

32-01-11One of the main things we do is these panels that come down and close up each individual shooting hole.  You know we have dividers between the holes so you can kind of get down under those, but these panels will fold up in front of us and we can get down underneath, stay in the shadow, stay out of that sun. Now these are hinged when its time to shoot you know we step up on the shooting  platform. As long as we’re down staying still, staying out of the sun, staying under the panels, with good camouflage, if you add all those things together they’re not going to see you and if they fly away like those ducks did it’s not because they got a look at us, they just didn’t like something else.   

32-01-13I’m a big believer in not having a box out here. We have taken trees, little oak trees, and driven fence posts at odd intervals in and around the blind, and then stood these trees up next to the fence posts and zip tied them on.  So we made a little thicket around the blind.  Another thing we have done is slope the front edge of the blind inward and this puts the shooting hole in the middle of the brush pile instead on the front. And we’ve found that when it’s time to shoot, instead of slamming these things down hard if we just get our gun ready and step up on the shooting platform and just ease it down because we are in the middle of the brush pile. The ducks don’t notice it and we’ve got the drop on them. 


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