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Shooting USA - The IDPA Nationals
It’s the IDPA National Championship of the shooting sport derived from concealed carry training. International Defensive Pistol Association competition is a shooting sport rooted in the practice of concealed carry, not necessarily for training, but still a great way to sharpen the skills that could save your life. And in this day and age that is a popular combination.

Across the country IDPA membership is soaring as one of the fastest growing shooting sports. Executive Director, Joyce Wilson, sees the growth as an extension of the interest in concealed carry:

32-02-2Joyce: “The last couple of years in particular -there were a lot of new people who purchased firearms who didn’t have any experience with those. So the conceal carry market has come a long way, and those people need something to do, some way to practice. And the conceal carry instructors are catching on that this is a good way to teach their students.”

The tactics in shooting IDPA competition simulate defensive shooting. You can’t just run-and-gun an IDPA stage. You have to shoot using cover and not exposing yourself to threat targets. It goes well beyond just gun handling skills, accuracy, speed of the draw; it’s how you can engage each scenario, and how your mind will work the solutions under pressure.

32-02-3IDPA has five divisions for competition, defined by the choice of carry gun.

  • Stock Service Pistol – Stock Double Action / Safe Action factory pistols such as Glock, Beretta, S&W M&P, Ruger, Browning and Sig.
  • Enhanced Service Pistol – for Single Action 9mm / 38 Super / 40 S&W service pistols, such as the Browning HP, EAA Witness, and 1911 pattern pistols.
  • Custom Defensive Pistol – 45 Auto single stack pistols and Hi Cap models in 45 such as Para, STI, SVI and M&P-45 models.
  • Stock Service Revolver – for popular service revolvers loaded with speed loaders or one round at a time.
  • Enhanced Service Revolver - revolvers loaded using moon clips.

There will be a champion in each gun division with all competitors ranked according to their skill level: Novice, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, and Master.

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Shooting USA Profile – Lee Wills

32-02-8On first glance Junior Shooter Lee Wills looks like any other gifted young shooter, quick and confident.  But there is more to Lee than that. He has overcome a lifetime worth of challenges at just 12 years of age, and is now an inspiration to others who need encouragement to join in the shooting sports.



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The M&P C.O.R.E. Pistols

32-02-9bThe newest competition M&Ps from Smith and Wesson. The M&P Pro Series C.O.R.E., or Competition Optics Ready Equipped.  They are factory made polymer firearms ready for an optic. Until now, installing a mini red dot has been a job for your gunsmith to drill and tap the slide. But with the M&P CORE Pistols, Smith has made the install both easy and almost instantaneous.

Available in Four and Five inch versions, in 9mm or 40 S&W  Your Choice $729 MSRP

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Shooting USA Profile – Julie Golob

32-02-6In USPSA shooting there are six divisions of competition divided by type of gun.  Every year there is a national champion for each division.  But now, there is one person who has taken the title in all six divisions.  Smith & Wesson Pro Julie Golob has won the national championship in every division of competition.  Mike Irvine sat down with Julie, to talk about her amazing career.   





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Colors for the Range

All choices have some internal structure to maintain the shape and are adjustable.  

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