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Shooting USA - Fallen Brethren Three Gun Match
Its multi-gun action from Texas, at the Fallen Brethren Three Gun competition as Remington Defense and Spartan Tactical come together to put on a one of a kind match.

Plus, the M1 Carbine, the smaller solution that’s now one of History’s Guns. And the sporting clays charity event that benefits spinal research by putting wheelchair shooters on the firing line with able bodied shooters.

32-04-2The FB3G at one time stood for the Fort Benning Three Gun which was the only multi-gun competition for civilians on an active military installation. Originally hosted by the USAMU’s action shooting team, now the Fallen Brethren Three Gun Challenge has a new home at Jim Smith’s Spartan Tactical in Texas.

Jim is pleased to have the FB3G return to his facility. “This is our second year running it. We’ve got ten stages. We are spread out in open terrain and the guys really like it. At Spartan Tactical, our primary client is the U.S. military. We have built the facility here to run our courses. It’s not an open range. We have seventeen square miles, eleven thousand acres.

32-04-4With Spartan Tactical’s impressive facilities, the FB3G needed a major sponsor. Remington Defense stepped up providing three state of the art prop guns and a collection of prizes for the winners.

Carrying on the tradition that was established at Fort Benning by giving competitors a unique challenge, the Fallen Brethren Three Gun is carrying on the competition’s legacy in Texas.


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History’s Guns – M1 Carbine

32-04-6If ever there was a U.S. service rifle with a fascinating background, this is the one – the M1 Carbine. It was designed, in part, by David “Carbine” Williams, who served time in the pen for second degree murder. After serving time, Williams couldn’t own a gun, but he still got a job with Winchester Repeating Arms, putting his design skill to use. And the rest, as we say, is History’s Guns.


Shoot for the Future

32-04-7More and more people with physical disabilities are showing up at shooting ranges. As the shooting sports take a leading role in providing recreation and camaraderie to shooters in wheelchairs, one of the first events to offer equal opportunity on the firing line is also a fundraiser for spinal research named Shoot for the Future.

“It is our mission to have folks that are in chairs and those folks that are not in chairs enjoy their time together” say organizer George Wade. With the help from George and others in the medical field, they created Shoot for the Future as a fundraiser to make life better for those with spinal cord injuries.

32-04-8Well-known wheelchair shooter Trevor Baucom found the fundraiser enjoyable. “I like this event. Actually, I haven’t seen this many wheelchairs in one place, really ever, anywhere. So, it’s nice.” And Trevor’s adding to his own story in his first shotgun event. Just a week before the fundraiser, Trevor received a new custom Model 37 shotgun frrom Ithaca Gun Company.

Ithaca’s Mike Farrell said he’s honored to work with Trevor. “It was a great relationship. He’s just an outstanding human being and a person, but to work with him in this sport, it’s just another avenue for us to get involved with and if we can help wheelchair shooters anywhere, we are more than happy to.”

32-04-9Whether those participating roll to the firing line or walk to it, Shoot for the Future is different, because the people who are benefiting from spinal research are encouraged to compete alongside able body shooters and that makes it a special day at the range.




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New Products – TTI Benelli M2, & Uncle Mike Reflex Holster

Taran Tactical Innovations Benelli M2

32-04-5The TTI Benelli M2 is the Lingenfelter twin turbo vette among mere stock Corvettes. This slick and polished TTI Benelli M2 features a lightened bolt carrier allowing for faster, smoother, and cleaner cycling. The bolt carrier has also been modified to allow for ghost loading and out of battery loading. This Taran Tactical Innovation custom piece comes with an oversized safety, bolt release, and a trigger job has to be felt to be believed. The magazine extension is available in 7, 8, 9 and 10 round capacities and the loading port has been machined and polished for faster loading. Plus, a guide notch helps you keep your shells lined up when loading. This enhanced M2 has stippling everywhere you want it. Last but not least is Taran’s proprietary barrel bending process which ensures point of aim impacts with slugs. Rest assured before shipping, every gun is test fired by Taran, personally. This turn-key racing shotgun is $2,700, or send in your M2 and have it customized for just under $1,200.

More Information at TTI Website

Uncle Mike’s Reflex Holster

32-04-10The Reflex is the only retention holster on the market that doesn’t employ a button or lever to release your firearm, just the natural gross motor skill of gripping your pistol. The Uncle Mike’s line of Reflex holsters now has fits for a wide array of pistols, including the new M&P Shield. You’ll find the Reflex in stock in most chain and large sporting goods stores and in many better gun shops.  Suggested retail is under $40.

More Information at Uncle Mike’s web 

Pro Tip  – Mastering Station Eight

32-04-11There isn’t a more difficult target in skeet than the last ones, from station eight. The position where each house throws the target right at you. They seem to be the most difficult shots on the field, but you can master the position. It’s all about the right kind of practice, according to two time Olympic gold medalist Vincent Hancock.




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