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Shooting USA - The Smith & Wesson Steel Nationals
32-09-1This time the nation's fastest pistol shooters shoot it out for the title in the U.S. Steel Championship. It's been called "bang and clang" and "drag racing with guns". How fast can you draw and shoot five steel targets? The answer from the pro shooters... very fast, indeed!  Plus, we're taking you to the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, with 86-thousand members there to see the new products of the year and to support the Second Amendment.

32-09-2In the world of the shooting sports, there is no other sound that instantly draws the attention like a round hitting a steel plate. It’s that sound that has generated the nick name for steel shooting… bang and clang.

Now add the high energy of a national championship competition and you have the most exciting steel shooting of the year.

For three days, the fastest pistol shooters from across the nation battle it out in their pursuit of U.S. National Steel Championship in Florida.  And it turns out this time it’s an awe inspiring duel between two top competitors, leaving everybody else behind.

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The NRA Annual Meeting in Houston 

32-09-5The NRA’s annual meeting and new product show is the big event each year for members and big was the word to describe this year’s event in Houston’s giant convention center. 

The politics of this year have increased NRA support by at least a million new members and we expected a lot of them would show up in Houston. And we were right.  It was a huge turnout.



If you haven’t joined yet, to help with the battle to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, the offer still stands, we’ll pay $10 toward your membership… if you use the link at to join.



Smith & Wesson M&P 10

32-09-13The Big News from Smith & Wesson, formally announced at the NRA Meeting and Show.  Now it’s .308 power for hunters and Law Enforcement in the Modern Sporting Rifle.  Jerry helps us test it in a session on his range.

S&W M&P 10 Variations Available Now


Olympic Profiles – Jamie Grey and SSG Josh Olson

You’ll remember the history of the Army Marksmanship unit, that it was established by President Eisenhower to be sure the US had the best marksmen competing internationally.

32-09-12That assignment has meant the USAMU members make up a significant portion of our Olympic Shooting team.  But we doubt President Eisenhower would have imagined the USAMU as a family affair, that would bring home gold.



          Jamie Grey – Gold in three position rifle.

          SSG Josh Olson – US Paralympics in rifle.

          Contact the USAMU Shooting Teams:



Safariland 7TS Holsters

32-09-17The 7TS is a new molded, level two retention holster, formed in a new nylon polymer, developed by DuPont only for Safariland.  The exceptionally durable material is named Safari-Seven and it is unaffected by heat, cold, impact or water, protecting the gun in virtually any conditions. First models are intended as duty gear for Law Enforcement Personnel.

Variations start at a suggested retail of $45.

More Info at Safariland Website 


Midland Weather Alert Radios

32-09-16The inexpensive radios that could save your life.

All five are from Midland and all of them receive the Weather Radio broadcasts from the network of NOAA broadcast towers that cover the entire country.

And it’s not just weather warnings, but any other emergency you need to know about, like a biological attack by terrorists, or a nuclear plant accident,

In each case the radios silently monitor the frequency until an alert is broadcast, then they announce the threat in your area with instructions on taking cover or moving to safety.

Price Range $30 to $60 and available in supermarkets, drug stores, and chain stores.

More info from Midland

Pro Tip USAMU SGT Jeff Holguin – New Shotgun Adjustments

32-09-15So, now that we’ve got you prepared for disasters and heavy weather, how do we get you prepared to shoot with a new shotgun? So much of shot gunning is close to instinctive shooting, that switching guns can really throw off your game.  But we’ve got help for that… from Sergeant Jeff Holguin.







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