The Bushnell Brawl 2013



Shooting USA - The Bushnell Brawl 2013
This time it's a precision rifle competition that will test more than just the shooter's ability to make a shot. The Bushnell Brawl is a one-of-a-kind physical and mental challenge at Rifle's Only in Texas. And the story of the odd looking Enfield Revolver that's now one of History's Guns. Plus, Ladies’ Concealed Carry Class and what we found they needed and preferred in guns and gear.


32-10-3In the sport of precision rifle competition, one would expect the emphasis would be on the shooters ability to make long shots accurately in varying conditions. And that is true, but it is only one part of the challenge competitors face when they step onto the ranges at Rifles Only in Texas to compete in the Bushnell Brawl. John Scoutten joined them to report the story that would be one part long range shooting and one part confidence course, extreme physical challenge.



The Bushnell Brawl brings out the newest trends in long range shooting in rifles, scopes, suppressors and cartridges, 



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History’s Guns – The Enfield Revolver

32-10-6According to Historian, Garry James:  “The Enfield is one of the weirder revolvers or firearms adopted by the British and the British adopted a lot of weird firearms in their day. But it’s a well-made gun. It’s a reliable gun. It’s an accurate gun. It’s just kind of a little weird system.”



USAMU Pro Tip – Glenn Eller on Shotgun Fit



We've got Olympic champion Sergeant Glen Eller ready to help your shooting with some tips on adjusting the fit of your shotgun. It's the key to breaking clays.




Women’s Concealed Carry Class

32-10-11All across this country it's a movement… women buying the new small pistols and then qualifying to carry concealed. In the majority of the states that requires an 8-hour class and qualifying on the range to prove good gun skills. Mike Irvine reports our story on one group of new firearm owners, who are focused on personal protection.



Products for Ladies CCW

M&P-Shield,-Walther-PK-300We learned a lot about women and what they need and preferred in setting up our TV Concealed Carry Class.  More than anything else, we learned each female shooter needs to choose the right gun that works for her.

Here’s the line-up of what worked for the Ladies and what didn’t.



The Brute Cooler

brute-cooler-pic-2SMThe secret is the high density foam core construction, and in this cutaway comparison to another high performance cooler, you can see why the Brute is so good. Prices start at 200 bucks.  That's about half the price of the competing high-end cooler.

Product Link



Pro Tip Jerry Miculek on Revolver Reloads

32-10-13His speed and accuracy with his Smith & Wesson revolvers have brought him countless championships and even world records. But for Jerry, it’s not just fast shooting.He is also a master at speed loading his wheel guns, and that is what he is showing you.








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