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Shooting USA - The Bianchi Cup
We're covering the richest handgun tournament in the country, the National Championship of NRA Action Pistol, the Bianchi Cup. Plus the story of the greatest battle implement ever devised, the M1 Garand.

Bianchi Cup – 2013

32-11-1We're taking you to Columbia, Missouri for the biggest prize money in the handgun sports. The annual Bianchi Cup National Championship of NRA Action Pistol is worth well into six figures. We're covering the top shooters in the game as they shoot for titles, counting both target points and the X-count, the hits in the 4-inch center of the target that is always required to determine the overall champion.

32-11-5NRA Action Pistol is a test of accuracy and skill like no other, the only world class competition that requires a perfect score.  In thirty plus years of the match there have been ups and downs in attendance but for the 9th year in a row the growth continues, due in large part to a very rich prize table. And this year, by a new youth scholarship program funded by Midway USA.


32-11-2The NRA Action Pistol Championship, better known as the Bianchi Cup, is the only shooting sport that can be identified simply by naming the events of the match. The Practical… The Barricades…. The Falling Plates… and the Mover. These are the challenges that will determine who will capture the title of Bianchi Cup Champion.

This year's coverage takes you, shot by shot, through the thrills and the disappointment, as challengers fall and the champions emerge with their final shots. 

More Information on NRA Action Pistol Competition   

History’s Guns – The M1 Garand

32-11-11It would take nearly 15 years of development to be ready to arm the greatest generation with a significant advantage on the battlefields of World War Two. General George S. Patton commanded armor, but declared the M1 Garand the greatest battle implement ever devised. It is among the most revered of all military firearms carried into battle by the “Greatest Generation”. It helped America defeat tyranny and win victory in the Second World War.

New Electronic Products:

The Bushnell Power Sync Solar Wrap 400

32-11-14It's a flexible plate of solar cells that charges the storage battery to full capacity either in the sun or with the supplied wall adapter in about four hours. The battery then carries enough juice to recharge your phone twice or your GPS unit as many as five times.  Suggested Retail $220.

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New Midland XTC Wearable Cameras

32-11-13Both shoot in full HD video, both are rechargeable. These are the ones we're using to get broadcast quality video in our coverage; that's impossible without an XTC camera.

The new models are smaller than prior units - stick just about anywhere to see the action.

The XTC 280 is black and silver, and comes with an assortment of mounts. The XTC 285 is the mossy oak camo version with mounts for hunters.  And both are very affordable… priced at about $150 dollars suggested retail for the all-purpose model, $170 for the hunting version in camo.

More Information from Midland 

Pro Tip – Jerry on Co-Witness Sights

32-11-12Jerry Miculek is with us for a Pro Tip on the fine points of co-witnessing sights. Aligning iron sights through, or in addition to, another sighting device on a firearm is called co-witnessing. Jerry’s ready to show you how, and more importantly, why you should be interested in two forms of sighting.








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